A Guide to Singapore

Written by: Elliot D’Silva

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 6.58.30 PM.png

We roam around Singapore as if we are fully aware of everything that it can provide, however, often times some of the most golden locations are also some of the most disregarded in nature. For example, if you were to take a walk in the evening around Tanjong Pagar, accessible through the Tanjong Pagar MRT Station, you would notice dozens of korean restaurants that provide some of the most iconic elements of Korea such as the Food, Atmosphere, and Soju, preferably consumed in moderation. Tanjong Pagar itself is an interesting location, because while passed by many citizens everyday it is not as occupied as other prime locations such as Orchard, Sentosa, or Chinatown, thus next time many should keep their eyes open to this underestimated region of Singapore.

Tiong Bahru is another excellent locations if one were seeking to soothe their hunger, or to purchase books at local bookstores. At this location many can purchase fresh meat, and fruit at significantly lower prices than that of which can be acquired from your nearest supermarket. However Tiong Bahru is only another excellent region for visiting a fresh market, however, if you don’t arrive early enough the merchandise you were interested in purchasing may have already disappeared. But fear not because there are dozens of other locations which can be visited for this purchase such as Geylang, where one can walk past an endless row of fruit and other food related stalls, and if interested the local singaporean fruit known as Durian can be eaten along the Journey while exploring this misconstrued area of the island.  

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