First step to be united

Written by: Youngwoo (Eric) Jung

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North Korea and South Korea united their women ice hockey teams in Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. It is the first time that the North and South Korean team united and competed together against other countries. Also during the opening ceremony, there wasn’t a flag for North Korea and South Korea, but rather a unified Korean flag that has a map of the Korean peninsula.

Initially, there were 23 South Korean ice hockey players in a team, and 12 North Korean players join the team. The squad was formed, which included at least 2 North Korean players in a game.

The Olympic players did not sing the North and South Korean national anthems. Instead, all of the Koreans; North and South, stood up and sang the traditional folk song, “Arirang”.

The joint North Korea and South Korea ice hockey team did not win any games. However, it was a very good opportunity for them to play together. Also, in political aspects, this action helped strengthen the communication between North and South Korea. Finally, in March 8th, a historical milestone occurred; in which the president of North Korea, Kim Jung-eun, and a representative of South Korea had a meeting to talk about the future of Korea peninsula.


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