Football Fridays

Written by: Jose Gabriel Macion


In a student’s life, there must always be balance. A balance between academics, sports, creativity and other extracurricular activities. If a student is covered in academic tasks all the time, then that student may fail to use the other areas that he/she may accel at. Additionally, a balance provides stability in a student’s life amongst the numerous deadlines, projects, reports and assessments that is required by academics. One CAS activity that has become an opportunity to create this balance is the Football Friday Group, which was organised by Sam Sun.  

The group started as an extremely small one composed of several students from Grade 11. As the group grew in size, Sam thought of the idea to turn it into a CAS project as well. This is beneficial to the Grade 11 members especially, since CAS and the reflections that students are required to write are valuable to the records of the IB. Through this small transition, the Football Fridays group has not only become a group of leisure and enjoyment through sport, but it has also become a culmination of a wonderful idea and an opportunity for Grade 11 students to build on the success of the group and use it as another step to climb up the rigorous trail set by the IB

Since the creation of the group, students from Grade 9 to Grade 11 have had the opportunity to enjoy playing football every Friday. The growth and the fruition of the simple group truly shows what one idea can do for the whole school community.


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