Written by: Jose Gabriel Macion

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 10.21.17 AM.png

It’s a season, which means new sports opportunities for the students of ISS. This season offers Frisbee and Badminton. The sport season for Frisbee this year is a short one. It consists of 7 weeks with at least one game per week. The team hasn’t had the best start so far, where it has lost the first two games against against Dover and Chatsworth with the close scores, with 2-3 points separating each gap.

However, despite the difficulty the season is still long. The long March break offers an opportunity for the team to practice and get the fundamentals that they’ve had a hard time developing because of the fast pace of the season. Additionally, they have a game coming up against SAS, which could turn out good for them. To sum it all up, the ISS Frisbee team hasn’t had the best of starts, but with many opportunities available for the team, they have the chance to change the tide and make the most out of the short season.

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