Fun at the Fair

Article by: Khin KoKo Hsu

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 8.55.10 ညနေ.png

Hello, body every! Oops, everybody! How are you all? It’s been a while since we released our latest edition and I’m very glad to know that our readers enjoyed the articles we have been releasing. Let’s talk about the Fun Fair we had on February 25th. The day started off as a cloudy morning and it was nice, not as hot as I expected. The clouds cleared up around 12 pm but it wasn’t very hot mainly because I was under the fan.

The bands were playing and many people enjoyed it. I heard some good voices and skilled instrument performers. Many former students, parents and, friends of the students came to the fair. I had a great time helping out my friends at their booth for the whole day. There were so many stalls that sold baked goods. One stall that caught my attention is the custom-made bracelet one. Since I didn’t have the time to walk around from stall to stall, I only had a glance of all the stalls. 

I really enjoyed the home-made orange tea that was sold at the canteen! It’s really delicious and sweet. Judging from the color, it’s not very appealing but once you taste it… it’s amazing! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to do much during the Fun Fair since I was helping my friend run her stall. However, it definitely looked like a lot of fun; from musical performances, food stalls to game stalls, it looked like everyone else was having fun, too.

The next fun fair will be a year away from now, and let’s hope that it will be just as great as it was for this one!

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