Memory Project – Syria

Article by: Yang Chen

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Create a Meaningful Piece of Personal History, and Help the Children to feel Valued and Important

What is Memory Project? From the name you might guess it is something related to “Memory”, however the answer is… NO! It is actually an organization that invites and engages everyone who has the basic art skill to create a resemblance piece of portrait of a child, who suffers under a poor living condition, thus help the child to feel valued and important.

This year, a group of students from Grade 10, Grade 11, and also our math teacher Ms.Vlad have participated in creating portraits of Syrian child refugee, which is also held as a CAS activity after school. Seeing all the shocking news on media about the “Syria war”, “Syrian Refugee”, “Conflicts” and “Death” that happens everyday in the country where these children live in. The children who will receive the portraits are the now currently live in the refugee camps, however, they have left most of their belongings when they fled with their families. Unlike us, our entertainment are mainly online and media based, we can see interesting things from all over the world, we can enjoy delicious and nutrient food everyday. Their activities are limited by the dusty alleyways, and the food they eat everyday are all donated by different agencies.By drawing the portraits for them, we had a chance to help them, to deliver an information that there are actually many people who care about them and they are actually important to the world.

Every member who participated in this project are passionate and have put a lot of effort in this project. Everyone have shown a high commitment and strong perseverance throughout the entire project. We were very fortunate to have Ms.Larue as our supervisor, who provided loads of helpful advices to us, and also taught us a lot of skills of realistic portrait drawing, for us to make the portrait in our best degree.

By February 20th, 2018, the activity is officially ended with all the excellent portraits drawn by each of the member and sent back to the Memory Project Organization, which will deliver the portraits that we made to the Syrian children by March 2018!


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