Varsity Girls’ Basketball 2017-2018 Season

Written by: Meiko Taima and Hana Yagyu

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Season Overview

Wed 29 Nov. – 4.30 pm – Match @ UWCD (JSH)

Tues. 5 Dec. – 4.45 pm – Match @ CIS

Tues. 16 Jan. – 4.30 pm – Match @ ICS

Mon Jan 22 – 4.30 pm – Match @ SJII

Feb 3rd – Finals matches against teachers

We had 4 matches against different schools, UWCD, CIS, ICS and SJII. The first basketball match we played was against UWCD. We tried our best by practising and trying to score, representing our basketball team by wearing basketball uniforms. People who were not in the match cheered for ISS. The opponents were much more skilled than ISS, but we didn’t give up. Although we lost to the match against UWCD with only a few points, we learned from the defeat and thought about new strategies to win the next match against CIS. We had fun in all the matches and had fun going to schools to have basketball matches. The last match we played was against the teachers and we also had so much fun. 


  • Why did you decide to join the basketball team?

Adeline from Grade 9: Because I felt motivated and I wanted to do basketball with my friends. I also wanted to exercise and improve on my health.

  • Did you have fun during the matches?

Adeline from G9: Yes, even though we lost to most of the matches. I had so much fun with my friends and tried my best practising.

  • What was the most fun experience during basketball?

Adeline from G9: Match against the teachers!

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