Divergent Paths – Grade 12’s about their final year

Article by: Kyi Shinn Khin

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 8.52.54 ညနေ.png

As the year is ending soon, the time has come again for us to say goodbye. Along with a few leaving teachers, we will also be saying goodbye to the Grade 12 students, who’s hard work during their high school year has finally paid off as they will be going to university.

Some of the grade 12 students have spent almost half of their life at ISS, while some are relatively new, but quickly adapting to the school community. Some may have known each other longer than others, and for them especially, saying goodbye is not at all easy to overcome; in fact, it’s quite hard. Their friends may be on the other side of the world, in a different time zone, and with the busy schedules at university, they might not have the time to talk as often as they did here at ISS. However, graduating and going off to university is definitely something that the grade 12’s worked hard to achieve, and therefore we should all congratulate them for it, even though the hard times may come afterwards.

For the interview portion of this article, we asked two of the Class of 2018 students about their feelings about leaving home as well as school to go to university with completely different people, and perhaps to a country that they might not be very familiar with.

One of the students we interviewed has been around ISS from about 7 years or so, therefore we could say that he/she spent almost half of their life at ISS. Leaving to UK for university, a place that might be very far from home, the student told us that he/she is leaving with “mixed emotions.” The student stated that the school was “a very friendly environment”, where the students could spend quality time with their friends and joke around with the teachers, which was his/her favorite moment. The student also told us that one of the main problems he/she faced was managing multiple things at once, as well as knowing what to prioritize. However, it is not hard for the student to realize that he/she will be going to university in less than a year and live in a brand new environment, as the student personally said that he/she is “excited to see his/her friends in London and pursue what he/she really loves doing.” The last words left for ISS from the same student was, “Thank you for everything, words cannot express how thankful I am although I am leaving with mixed emotions.”

Another student we interviewed was Tarish Kadam. He spent his last 4 years at ISS. Similar to the previous student, he relayed his emotions as well as his favorite and not so favorited times at ISS. His favorite moments included the school community allowing him to “express himself artistically without being held back” and “realize his potential.” However, some of the moments he didn’t enjoy were the occasional broke conditions of the facilities at ISS, with the specific example of 2 roofs caved in. Some of the things he thought shaped him into the person he is today is going through the challenges of time management and organization during the first year, which really helped him to improve his habits the following years. However unlike the previous student, Tarish will not be going to university immediately after graduation but instead will be serving for the Singapore National Service, which he is looking forward to as it will be “a new experience and will [make him learn] to be more disciplined and mature to become an adult.” His last words for ISS was, “Thank you for the memes. Goodbye.”

The 12th grade students were also very nice, as they gave some advice to the grade 11’s on their final year. One of the student’s advice was very motivational and encouraging; “Chin up, and ignore what others have to say about you! And always find a way to relieve stress.” The advice that Tarish gave, which is quite crucial especially for the grade 11 students now, is to “finish the extended essay over the summer.”

On behalf of the ISS Voice, I wish all of the grade 12 students good luck on their final exams, and also the paths they will take in the future. They may be parting us very soon, but they will always remain the ISS Class of 2018.

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