MUN Experience

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Article by: June Park

I had a dream of working in the United Nations since I was in elementary school. I had imagined so many times that how amazing it will be. And when I came to ISS in grade 9, I had an actual chance that I could go to MUN, which is Model United Nations that students can represent countries and simulate UN.

I was very excited, but it made me very nervous because I was aware that my English skills were lacking, I was not sure what is going to be like in the real MUN, and totally less prepared. Fortunately, I met some good seniors at the actual MUN from another school and she helped me a lot so that I could ‘survive’ 5-days in the THIMUN. (Actually, I realized this was the biggest MUN in Singapore and it was my first and even ‘unprepared’ MUN, so being extremely frustrated was normal.)

After that, with the hope that I would be better, I didn’t give up going to MUN. Next MUN was SIMUN, which is held every year in the French school. As I got a basic idea what it will be like, I was less nervous but it was still so challenging for me to put my placards up and even ask a single question (We call this POI, Point of Information in MUN terms) on resolutions going through.

I went to SIMUN next year again, but the problem was that I was still feeling unprepared. And that was true, as I did not research enough or aware of the issues enough. Spending the most boring 3 days ever in my life, I decided not to come back to MUN again and realized my young dreams were WRONG.

However, I did not give up at that moment. I made up my mind to try once more, prepared this time. My country this time was Belize, which I have never heard of in my life, but after I researched and annotated notes, I got some idea about what kind of country that is. After that, I printed out the materials for MUN preparation, searched about the issue and learn why is it urgent. I realized it very late but now I was confident than before as I was aware of how to research and what to research. So, I went to MUN with the mindset that I will try my best and enjoy it.

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