ISS Table Tennis Tournament

Article by: Shi Hao Cai


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Because of the failure of attracting students for joining the table tennis ECA in the last semester, Chen Yu, Jennifer and I decided to organize a table tennis tournament in the school hall during 10th and 11th of April. We were hoping that this tournament could attract some skillful players, in order to recruit more members for our next CAS project which is a table tennis varsity team, me and Chen Yu will also in the team as well.

Our planning started during March, fortunately, when we posted our proposal, we soonly gained support from Mr.Vaughan, Mr.Crozier, and Mr.Whitehead. At the end of the deadline for registering, we successfully gathered 10 people from different grades of student and we were all prepared for the tournament.

Our tournament started after we came back from the spring break. The players were divided into two different group, one was the untrained players, another was the train players. We did this in order to provide a fair match for every player. Overall the tournament was pretty successful, but unfortunately, we had a few people who didn’t attend the match. After the 1 hour long matches, the winner for the untrained player group was Zen Mochizuki from Grade 10, and the winner for the trained player group was Chen Yu.

As a student who has learned table tennis for more than 10 years, I can see that table tennis isn’t a very popular sport in ISS, not only in the student group but for the school as well. Table tennis is one of the sports which school has ignored for so long and couldn’t see the beauty of it. And that became one of the reasons I organized this tournament, I want to show the school that the table tennis players in ISS are also strong enough to compete with other schools. So far the team has formed and we had a few students joined us, I hope that we can attract more students to join and our goal is able to compete with other school’s team in the next semester.

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