La Belleza de Cultura Español

Article by: Jose Gabriel M. Macion

Image credit: Google

The Spanish Ab Initio Experience

Spanish class this year have taught the Grade 11 Ab initio students a variety of things. This class isn’t focused on shoving information down the throats of its students, rather it connects the lesson to various cultural elements. From customs, beliefs and values, Spanish class has never been a boring experience for its students. Last week, the students had the opportunity to go on a small field trip, to have lunch at a Latin restaurant. The experience was quite enjoyable, because the students were not only able to enjoy their last days bonding as class, but also be exposed to a new experience that many of them haven’t experienced in the past.

The students were exposed to a wide array of latin cuisine that they enjoyed to the fullest. Other than the food, they were also exposed to the various designs and wall decorations that the restaurant had to offer. This was a great experience, because it was good for the students to connect the lessons they’ve learned in the classroom, to the artistic designs of the restaurant.

From learning about Spanish customs, to learning about the language itself, the Ab Initio Spanish class has definitely been a unique and enjoyable one for its students and Miss Ventura. Despite the difficulties that they may experience as Grade 12 IB students in the future, there’s no doubt that their eyes will be opened to a whole new world of discovery and education regarding Spanish culture and customs.

Painting the Spanish Room CAS

Many of the students of the Spanish class chose to connect what they’ve learned in this class, to their CAS requirements for the completion of the IB. They did this through the Painting the Spanish Room CAS. This CAS is one that extends ‘till Grade 12, where students will spend every Wellness Wednesday painting the Spanish room, decorating it with art related to Spanish culture. In fact Ms Ventura, the teacher for the Spanish Ab Initio students, had even requested some French art be included. This goes to show how creative and imaginative students can be if they are able to think of new and diverse ways to connect CAS with the subjects they take.

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