Girls’ Varsity Volleyball

Article by: Mayuko Mochizuki

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The Girls Varsity Volleyball team representing ISS have made a great start to the year. The team consisting of 14 members are currently undefeated, playing great games against the other teams in the league. The team have done very well with every single game with a win against schools such as SJII, Tanglin Trust, and the Australian International School. Along the way there were some times where the games were really close and thrilling. In those times, the returning 6 players from last year pulled the team together and lead the team to victory. Mr. Larkins, the team coach has been a great coach for the whole team; definitely improving skills and encouraging team bonding as well. The team’s cheer is “Ice Tea!”, originating from the point that the coach buys them ice tea for a victory. It also helps loosen up the tight atmosphere and makes it warm during the official games. Being undefeated so far, they are aiming to stay undefeated till the end and win a medal. For the remaining 2 games of the season, please do come and support the team if you are interested!

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