Is it OK to be uncertain?

Article by: Kyi Shinn Khin

At one point in our lives, we may have wondered about our future. In 10 or 20 years time, what would we be doing? And to live the lives that we want to live, what should we begin doing from now, as a student?

There are some people that are totally determined with what they want to do since an early age, and they have stayed true to the dream even as adults. However, there are also some people who are still quite uncertain with what to do in the future. In fact, I am one of them. Even as a 12th grader about to apply for university in less than a year’s time, I still do not know what course I want to take. I’ve gone from wanting to become a writer to architect to healthcare worker, but now I am kind of lost. And is it a bad thing?

Of course, if I were to continue this habit of being totally uncertain about my life and carry it on through other situations, especially those requiring urgent response, it is not the best habit to have. Because as people, we would want to strive to become the kinds of people that are confident in their decisions and have the ability to make decisions on the spot under pressure, so uncertainty in this case is really not helpful. However, as young people who are yet to experience what “the real world” is, as adults tell us, I really don’t think there is a problem with being uncertain at all.

For one, I think that life is an opportunity to learn. I know a number of people who have studied one thing in university, did not like it, and went ahead to pursue a job in a completely different field. Of course, this is not applicable for everybody; for example, if you decided to study something that is not science-related in university but suddenly want to pursue a career in medicine, it might be harder as compared to other shifts. However, otherwise, these uncertainties that you have in your life about your ideal path is like an opportunity to learn. Maybe you might like what you thought you would’ve always liked, or maybe you didn’t. You will come to eventually know the answer after first-hand experience.

In relation to that, having these uncertainties show that you are willing to learn more about yourself, and you also develop a curiosity about yourself. For me, because I have gone through so many phase changes about what I want to do in the future, now as a student about to go to university, I become more and more curious in what I really want to do. I still really am uncertain whether the course that I want to apply with really will be the course that I want to study. I never had a favorite subject, or something that I really, really loved to do. I like to think of using these uncertainties I have about my future as an excuse to find out more about myself. If it ends up not being ideal, at least I found out more.

So the next time you think about how uncertain you are over something, remember to not be so scared about it. Yes, uncertainties is definitely a strong and scary word, something that you think might be prohibiting you from enjoying life to the fullest. It could be the case, or not. Embrace your uncertainties to find out more about what you really enjoy, and learn more about yourself. Only you will know yourself more than anyone else.


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