ISS Pride: Boys’ Soccer

Article by: Eric Jung

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Photo credits: PE Department, Wang Hao

Soccer is a sport nearly everyone shows an interest in. As most of us know, in soccer, 11 players from each team compete against another with the ball using only our feet, except for the goalkeepers. Soccer is a strategic sport where players change the formations or technique situationally. Each game is 90 minutes long. 45 minutes for the first half, and another 45 minutes for the second half. However, that rule is only applied to professional players. For high school students, usually we only play 70 mins in total. Also, there is no limit to player substitution, while there are only 3 chances for player substitutions in professional games.

The first season of varsity sports at ISS started on August 22nd, and will end on November 7th. Students from grades 9 to 12 were given an opportunity to try out to join the different sport teams that were offered. There were 25 people at the tryouts for the boys’ soccer team. Only 16 out of 25 people made it to join the team. Below are the names of the chosen players;

Grade 12: Ryuma, Makoto, Eric, Kida, Alejandro, Kaiping

Grade 11: Taegyun, Minchan, Minseong, Hyojun, Chunghyun

Grade 10: Kibum, Donglin, Reon, Teppei

There were a total of 3 games before the October break. Our results were 1 win and 2 losses. We are now in 5th place, which means we will most likely have a game with the school at 6th place. The players learned a lot about teamwork and perseverance through the games so far. Despite only one win and two losses, which are satisfactory results, players did not complain about one another but cheered each other up.

One thing that disappointed us was that there were so many problems during some of the games, but not within the team. By right, we were supposed to play 40 minutes for our first half and 40 minutes for our second half. However, during three games out of seven games, we only played 35 minutes for the whole game due to a problem with referee. Also, the opponents played very aggressively, but as there was only one referee, it was hard to give yellow or red cards, meaning that many fouls were ignored. Because of this, our team captain Ryuma had a serious injury after the game with NPS.

The most impressive game was the game with Nexus. Nexus was the only team we won against so far. We won Nexus by 3-1. However, we won Nexus by 3-2 last year. It was a not very big progression but slight improvement to our team. And we were happy to win them again. They are our best rivals.

Last season, we had some conflicts with the coach. Our coach wanted to give the same opportunities to every player, but some good players wanted to play only themselves for winning. Due to those conflicts, we lost a lot of matches that we could’ve won. However, this year, the coach has been changed. I hope he will lead our team to win the leftover games and I think that this season is very enjoyable as everyone learns a lot of new things and learns new ways of thinking on the field.

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