Peer Counseling ECA

Article by: Yuna Maejima

Peer Counselling Poster

Peer counselling ECA that takes place on every Wednesday lunchtime, focuses on dealing stress that students may have on a regular basis. If you wish to support students under stress, or if you want to have a career related to psychology in the future, this is the right time for you to join the peer counseling ECA! Here, I have interviewed a G11 student involved in the ISS peer counseling team, so that you’ll get to know more about what they are doing and what skills may be required for it.


What do you do in peer counseling?

In peer counseling, we focus on the issues that students deal with on a regular basis. Some examples would be stress, lack of sleep, diet, peer pressure etc. We have group discussions where we give our insight on the issue and build on our ideas together. At the moment, we are working on sending a stress survey to find the factors, triggers, and causes for stress in each grade.

What skills do you need for peer counseling?

We work a lot on active listening. This is the term used to help peer counselors know how to behave and act when someone is confiding in us. Some examples of active listening is to show through body language and eye contact that we are paying complete attention to the person, by adding our own experiences to help them relate and to ask questions that clarify what they said. For example, it is recommended to say: “So you feel …. “. This assures them that you have been listening to them and gives you a chance to clarify. Other important skills include communication, collaboration and caring. It is important to establish proper and efficient communication skills because we are the mediums between the students and the ECA. We find out what is happening amongst the students and we bring that information and work with it during our ECA. Collaboration is a vital skill as we not only rely on each other but we need to present ourselves as strong communicators and collaborators so students will approach us with their problems.

To know more about peer counseling ECA, you can contact Ms.Kirpalani, the supervisor of ECA. Or if you are interested you can just simply search it up on Managebac and join.

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