Pink Ribbon Walk

Article by: Jose Gabriel M. Macion


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A sea of pink covered the OCBC square area two weeks ago on October 6th, as countless people gathered together to take part of the Pink Ribbon Walk. Among the participants were 70 participants of ISS International School. I had organised ISS International School’s participation in the race along with Sue Yoo and participated in it as well. I, along with countless other participants from ISS International School, joined the Pink Ribbon Walk’s 3.5 km walk to show support for the organisation’s advocacy, which is to raise awareness for people around the world who have been diagnosed with the serious disease known as breast cancer.

The Pink Ribbon Walk is a recognizable event that occurs annually in Singapore. It consists of two activities: the 3.5 km walk and the 5 km run. It is led and organised by the Breast Cancer foundation and like many Breast Cancer Awareness organisations, makes use of the pink ribbon as its symbol.

The pink ribbon is a symbol for breast cancer awareness advocacies around the world, because it symbolizes health, vitality, femininity and the empowerment of women. It has become synonymous to the charities and organisations that raise awareness for people with the disease.

The process leading up to the actual event contained numerous challenges for all of us. First, we had to organise and oversee numerous meetings where everyone who was interested in joining the event had to pay the registration fee and register themselves through the Pink Ribbon Walk’s main website. Additionally, in the week before the walk, all participants of the ISS International School community gathered at Bugis +, so that they could all acquire the goodie bags, race bibs and event t-shirts that came with the registration.

All of the tasks that I just mentioned may seem simple, but they actually presented numerou issues for Sue and myself as organisers and for the participants as well. For example, Some students had difficulty acquiring their items due to late registrations. Additionally, in the large group of 70 students and ISS staff, it took some time before all participants had paid the required registration.  

However, despite all of these hurdles and the problems they had caused for everyone involved, these issues were solved at the end of the day and all 70 ISS International School participants were successfully able to register, pay and acquire all the items that were required for the race.

Despite all the complications and problems that had occurred leading up to the event, we were all able to star the walk together and participate in the event as representatives of our school. The walk was extremely long, since it lasted from 5:30 in the afternoon to 7:00 in the evening, with all of us gathering in front of Kallang Wave at 3:50 for attendance and pre-event briefing. In spite of all of this, we all held our heads high. Students and teachers alike smiled and took pictures to cherish the moment that had occured. I recall seeing some students posting these pictures on social media, as a sign of pride and to show support to the Pink Ribbon Walk and the good cause it had represented. This endless amount of optimism and hope exhibited by the entire school community just goes to show how enthusiastic and motivated the ISS International School Community can be amidst all the challenges that the process entailed, all for the Pink Ribbon Walk and the message it aimed to spread

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