The Line Between Honesty and Rudeness

Article by: Khin KoKo Hsu

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 4.41.40 PM

Let us be honest here, all of us have at least this one friend who is very honest in their opinion but they don’t really know how to draw the line between honesty and rudeness. Honesty is a bad thing; but some people are really not aware of the consequences that they’ll face if they are too honest.

Someone who lies often, someone who backstabs you, are not ideal types of people that anyone wants to have in their life. Also, someone too honest to the point where they don’t know the fine line between honesty and rudeness is also not an ideal type of person that anyone would want to have in their life. White lies are acceptable in this world because we are lying just for the sake of not hurting the other’s feelings while being honest. For example, lying about how you feel in order to not hurt the other. We have all lied at one point in our lives; and we must come to accept the fact that it is of human nature to want to lie for the sake of staying out from trouble, or what not. If you think a certain thing that your friend owns is absolutely terrible, just say that you don’t like it. Don’t say how terrible it is and complain about all the bad details to your friend.

We must all come to learn how to draw the line between being honest and being rude. We all love and want honest people in our lives but we dislike, and don’t want to be rude people. I don’t want to say hate because it is too strong of a word. If you want other people to be okay with you; to like you, just be honest, don’t be rude, know the line between the two. It definitely takes some time to learn what honesty and rudeness truly mean, especially to the people around us, but it can be something you will carry on throughout. 


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