Willing Hearts

Article by: Wang Hao and Wookhyun Jung

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 5.14.11 PM.png

As a diligent IB learner. Student in ISS participated CAS(creativity/activity/service) on a  regular basis. Volunteering at Willing Hearts is what I and another anonymous student do.

Willing hearts(愿之心)is a non-profit organization that is located in the East part of Singapore. According to Willing Hearts, everyday they produce more than 6000 packs of food while distributing towards 40 different locations in mainland Singapore. It was run by volunteers, fully reliant on donations, and it 365 days a year. We had participated constantly throughout this year since the end of last year. In the beginning, we were suggested by our CAS supervisor to go willing hearts in order to fulfill our weekends. But sooner I discovered that it was way more interesting than what thought. There were a big kitchen and tons of fruits and vegetable in willing hearts. We obtained many life skills by doing those work like cutting veg, washing, making desserts, cooking etc. Despite we were totally newable to kitchen work but just simply by imitating others we learned quickly and stayed back on track. Everybody is friendly and knowledgeable in this environment while most of them were aging people, well we often have a conversation with them discuss life issue while working which made our time in willing hearts.

Sam Hao Wang “This hat was given by our teacher when we constantly attend willing hearts for the half year. ” When I had the hat I felt very proud of myself. As my action of commitment and discipline will result in a good impact on people who were desperately poor, elderly, economic low actives or disabilities. They were looking forward to the assistance from citizens like me and other willing hearts volunteers.

The reason why we participated willing heart was that we want to demonstrate the sense of caring. After the work, we could also feel a sense of achievement. Working with willing hearts was a wonderful experience.

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