CAS Project by Gabriel and Alejandro: Painting Mrs. Ventura’s Classroom

Article by: Gabriel Mari and Alejandro Gomez

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Our CAS project was to paint Mrs. Ventura’s classroom up in block one with Gabby Macion.

This activity came about because in Grade 10, Ms. Ventura moved her room from block 5 up to block 1. However her new room, although cozy, has no nice artistic details or features that nicely reflect what she teaches; Spanish and French. So we decided to paint the room with colours and features that show what her class is all about; and it needs our creativity to make this come true.

Our goal was to paint the Spanish room, where the things that we paint will hopefully best represent Spanish culture and give people the feeling of the culture that we take, however we also needed to consider that Mrs. Ventura also teaches French, meaning that it would be more appropriate to represent the French aspect of the classroom as well.

This project initially came around as a mixture of ideas between us, since neither of us had a CAS project in mind that we were actually inspired or felt the motivation to act on. One day when we went into the current Korean room, we saw how it used to look when it was Mrs. Ventura’s previous room back when we was in grade 9. The difference in atmosphere was astonishing, and the centerpiece of that was the Korean cultural and linguistic pieces of art newly painted on the wall. The room looked completely changed from when we studied in it and we were very impressed.

While doing the project, each of us were able to learn artistic styles and methods for painting which none of us were initially very skilled in. This to us was also a learning experience because it was something that was out of our comfort zone. With the help of Mrs. Larue and Mr. Whitehead, we were able to better refine our artistic abilities.

We think that our CAS project, worked out quite well, however we do believe that a lack of co-ordination with Mr. Whitehead led to some confusion with what he believed the output of the product would be, and what our vision was. He had the impression that Mrs. Ventura was unhappy with having her classroom painted, but we asked her about our work and she said she really liked it. This was the result of poor communicating between our group and the CAS co-ordinators. We were happy with the final product, however we would greatly appreciate another opportunity to continue our work and further improve on our work. None of us are painters or artists, but we decided to do this none the less as a display of gratitude to Mrs. Ventura and the school.

We had a very fun experience doing some painting with some of my best friends, and giving back to a teacher and school community that has provided us with so much over the years.

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