Ways to Protect Dying Languages

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Article by Angelicia and Rosalyn

Did you know that languages can be also in danger? There are more than 6,000 languages in the world. However, the problem is that not so many people are using a certain language and this language can become useless. Imagine how you would feel if the language you used to speak suddenly disappears. It will be so tragic if you cannot communicate. In recent years, more than 200 languages have disappeared. If we do not act quickly, more languages will be gone before we even knew it. This is why we should think about why some languages are disappearing and what we can do to protect the dying languages.

Firstly, languages are dying because there are much fewer people who are using them. If they lose their languages, it also means that they cannot maintain their own cultures and identities. This is because culture and language are closely connected. The world is full of various cultures, but with globalization, the number of unique cultures is becoming smaller and smaller. This means there is less diversity in the world. This is already true when it comes to fashion. Around the world, people wear the same type of jeans which is a type of clothing that spread from Western countries. Therefore, the unique attires of many different cultures are now gone. This can also happen to languages.

Moreover, people can learn from those cultures. Cultures are different from all over the world. We should learn how to understand different cultures and it can help us in lots of ways. For example, it can help us to understand the history of the world by letting us know what people thought about and valued over the years.

To prevent these languages from dying, governments should encourage and give incentives to them for speaking. For instance, they can provide education regularly in their mother tongue so that more and more people get to know about it. Also, the government can set regulation such as using their own languages on the markets and signboards in their own regions and streets.

Also, even though the world is being globalized, they should try to keep their own culture and absorb other cultures. They should spread out their cultures to other people so that more and more people can learn about them. In addition, as technologies developed, The internet can be used to raise attention to the issues of the dying language. On the internet, articles or texts should be translated into lots of languages so that people can still use them. Another way is to encourage younger generations to speak the language as they grow so they will teach their children the language as well. If this trend keep continues, then the language will last long.

As we know, more and more languages are dying these days. Therefore, we all have the responsibility to save those languages. To support the languages and protect them from dying, the government also need to take action. We should increase the usage of the language and try to spread them all over the world.

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