My CAS life- the memory project

Article by Jackson

On the very end of April, my classmates and I who were interested in art participated in memory project, the project founded by a nonprofit organization intended to invite artists, teachers or students to portrait the pictures of somebody else in order to achieve certain goals also to memorize them. The person in the pictures usually has special backgrounds, been through things that were positive or negative, quite unique from the majority of us that their stories can be meaningful and even educational.  

I got a picture of a boy. He is a Syrian refugee who dresses in a bright red polo t-shirt. He was kind of smiling in the photo, therefore, he must felt quite happy when they took that picture for him. But anyway the boy had really gained me a lot more interest before I started portraying. I was suggested by my art teacher that I need to respect this boy in the picture to carefully sketch without editing anything that might be inappropriate and also because he is a refugee body and we do not share his privacy in the work. I follow through the point and drew a “black and white” version of him nicely on my paper.     

Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 10.22.31 PM.png

(Jackson wang, 2019)


“The portrait isn’t just about art skills but the to explore it stories behind”. The boy’s story might be decent, the lack of access to resources and education in the camp had abandoned his hope of the future, linking to my study in G9 drama I used to act as a refugee in the theatre of oppressed. My character who is an orphanage who was uneducated at aged of 12 always shows happiness in front of people but cried at night when on himself. He was bullied when friends see him crying which shows the moment of brutality and misfortune part of his life. I can connect this back to and gain a fresh mindset to my portrait deeply recognized refugees should have more rights to live a better life and as students can spread awareness by donating for their needs. By the time the boy received my work of his portrait he can also feel a sensitive warm heart given by me that would hopefully add value on him.      

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