Divergent Paths – Grade 12’s about their final year

Article by: Kyi Shinn Khin As the year is ending soon, the time has come again for us to say goodbye. Along with a few leaving teachers, we will also be saying goodbye to the Grade 12 students, who’s hard work during their high school year has finally paid off as they will be going... Continue Reading →


Festival of Lights

Written by: Jae Won Yoo Photo credit: ISS International School Facebook Page Music recital “Festival of Lights’ was held in ISS International School Preston Campus. DP, and MYP music students performing their music, where they could show off their talents to parents, teachers, and friends. Beautiful songs lightened up the dark campus, bringing lights all... Continue Reading →

Grade 9 Science Lab

Written by: Nanako Ochi and Jeeyeon (Maria) Choi On February 15th, We did an experiment in science lessons. Students were separated into groups. The experiment is ‘what happened if we mix together sodium bicarbonate, calcium chloride, and phenol red.’ Students made their hypothesis of experiment  for the day before. And, students will do the experiment... Continue Reading →

Fun at the Fair

Article by: Khin KoKo Hsu Hello, body every! Oops, everybody! How are you all? It’s been a while since we released our latest edition and I’m very glad to know that our readers enjoyed the articles we have been releasing. Let’s talk about the Fun Fair we had on February 25th. The day started off as... Continue Reading →

Grade 12 Extended Essay Exhibition

Article by: June Park Photo credits: Luanne Tan Extended Essay is an independent, self-directed piece of research, finishing with a 4,000-word paper. (International Baccalaureate®) Extended essay gives an opportunity for students to investigate a topic of special interest to them, which is also related to one of the student’s six DP subjects. As it is... Continue Reading →

The Wonders of Lombok

Authors: Jose Gabriel Macion The Fish Market (Image Source: Jose Gabriel Macion) Shark hunting has always been a controversial and debatable issue in the marine industry. Different arguments regarding ethics and morality are being debated to this point. However, our visit to Indonesia gave us the opportunity to look at the story from both sides... Continue Reading →

International Day

Author: Kyi Shinn Khin Photo credit: ISS International School Facebook As all of the ISS know, we had International Day on October 6th, 2017. International Day is a memorable time for all of us to celebrate the diversity at our school. We get to wear our national costumes and recognized the different cultures that our... Continue Reading →

Grade 10 WWW – Malaysia

Author: Sayma Ahmed (Shanta) There were many emotional and physical challenges which I took on during this trip. One significant one which amazed me was the one where I conquered my fears of kayaking, as we used heavy duty kayaks of metal and plastic, which was terrifying firstly since I heard we might fall into... Continue Reading →

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