The Wonders of Lombok

Authors: Jose Gabriel Macion & June Park The Fish Market (Image Source: Jose Gabriel Macion) Shark hunting has always been a controversial and debatable issue in the marine industry. Different arguments regarding ethics and morality are being debated to this point. However, our visit to Indonesia gave us the opportunity to look at the story... Continue Reading →


International Day

Author: Kyi Shinn Khin Photo credit: ISS International School Facebook As all of the ISS know, we had International Day on October 6th, 2017. International Day is a memorable time for all of us to celebrate the diversity at our school. We get to wear our national costumes and recognized the different cultures that our... Continue Reading →

Grade 10 WWW – Malaysia

Author: Sayma Ahmed (Shanta) There were many emotional and physical challenges which I took on during this trip. One significant one which amazed me was the one where I conquered my fears of kayaking, as we used heavy duty kayaks of metal and plastic, which was terrifying firstly since I heard we might fall into... Continue Reading →

Farewell to Leaving Teachers

Apoorva Chugh captured the voices of some of our students to let us know that our leaving teachers will not be forgotten at ISS.  Apoorva says, "We just went around the school to ask everyone which teacher they would miss the most and why.  This video is just a short thank you to all the... Continue Reading →

Final Days in the MYP

Final days in the MYP Article by: Kyi Shinn Khin The 12th grade students have recently just finished their high school careers and are heading onto university, and meanwhile, the 10th grade students have just finished the MYP programs. The MYP programs starts in grade 6, and ends in grade 10; nonetheless, right after one... Continue Reading →

New Student Council

Written By: Scott Liu The election for student council concluded on the 13th of April. Our 10 brave and outstanding candidates have shown the students their excellence skills and determinations. They are great Risk-takers and Communicators. Four of them were chosen by students to be the member of the new student council. The new student... Continue Reading →

Grade 10 Personal Project Exhibition

Written by:  June Park As the end of the MYP year in IB,  grade 10 students face one more obstacle (in addition to the E-assessment):  the‘Personal Project’ (P.P.)  Now, the students who have just completed the Personal Project during the long period of June 2016 to February 2017 are giving advice to the those who... Continue Reading →

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