The Struggle

Written by:  Sharaf Momen The student life is exceptionally difficult. We are expected to balance sleep, studies, social life and our interests, like grabbing eight fistfuls of sand when you have two hands. Nonetheless, despite the failures we’ve had and the will to stand strong and continue, despite many losing it, we still fight to... Continue Reading →

Flying Caps: Class of 2016 HS Graduation

An article written by Kate Judith Graduation - an event that marks the end of high school careers of many individuals around the world. It is, no doubt something that every student looks forward to. Graduation is the ticket for a ride that will take you farther and farther into the future of your choice.... Continue Reading →

Behind the Scene: TEDxYouth@HCIS

An article written by Kinari Adiarni Presenting a TED Talk is an unspoken life achievement that many aspire to do. How great would it be to be able to meet someone for the first time and casually say “Oh by the way, I’ve presented a TED Talk before.” In my case, I never would have... Continue Reading →

FedEx Market Entry Competition

An article written by Sharaf Momen Photo source: (, 2016) A chocolate bar has 8 blocks. This chocolate bar is distributed among 10 students, where one student gets each block of the bar. How many students are left without chocolate? Please do not say, “None”, and then divide 8/10. The answer is 2!” This is... Continue Reading →

End of Exam Week Celebration

An article written by Ko Ko Hsu Khin High school students from ISS International School just had the last exam of 2015-2016 school year from 9th to 13th of May 2016. The grade 9 students had their last exam in the morning of May 13th. That afternoon they were introduced to the Personal Project that they... Continue Reading →

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