Are You a Bully?

An article written by Rishi Srinivasan Are you a bully? No? How do you know if you are a bully? You may not figure that you are a bully. Maybe because you know you are talking to your friend and you think he/she is not hurt.  Well read this article if you want to see if... Continue Reading →

Fact of Diet Coke

Article written by Ju Eun Park Is it really helpful for diet? “It’s fine, because this is Diet Coke, it has zero calories!” Diet Coke, one of the most popular beverages in the world, is a sugar-free coke unveiled in 1982. It is loved by many people who want the taste of coke but low calorie.... Continue Reading →

IB Visual Art Exhibition 2016

Story and Interview by Sarah Johansson  On the 24th of February, the Grade 12 IB Visual Arts class had their first and final grand exhibition, accumulating 2 years of work into a single night. The mingling livened up the old buildings of the school whilst the emotional responses to the pieces of art that dressed... Continue Reading →

Running Out Of Paint

Story by Ivy Lin  The grade 9 students went to Hoi An, Vietnam for the annual Week Without Walls trip. During those days, we helped a community in a small remote village called the Dong Binh Village. We had to go to that village by boats and it took us approximately an hour to get... Continue Reading →

Since Every Child Is Precious

Story by Shane Yap, Masaki Takehara, Andy Tangjaya and Allen Cheng What if we told you buying a book could help a child have his/her one full meal for a week? It’s the sad truth, but this is one issue that we feel has been overlooked and that is the fact that many children are deprived... Continue Reading →

Festival of Lights

Story by: June Park Shining lights, beautiful melodies and the nest-like atmosphere of block 5 brightened the atmosphere in the ISS International School Preston Campus. At 7pm on December 2nd, music students who are not only DP (IB Diploma) students but also MYP (IB Middle Years Programme) students with creative music performed. This was not just... Continue Reading →

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