ISS Table Tennis Tournament

Article by: Shi Hao Cai Image credits: Because of the failure of attracting students for joining the table tennis ECA in the last semester, Chen Yu, Jennifer and I decided to organize a table tennis tournament in the school hall during 10th and 11th of April. We were hoping that this tournament could attract... Continue Reading →


Chinese Calligraphy ECA

Article by: Yang Chen In the beginning of 2018, two of our DP students, Kailing and YuanYuan has initiated a Chinese calligraphy ECA as their CAS project. Chinese calligraphy is one of the most ancient symbol that can represent Chinese culture, many Chinese students were attracted to this ECA by this reason. In an international... Continue Reading →

Memory Project – Syria

Article by: Yang Chen Create a Meaningful Piece of Personal History, and Help the Children to feel Valued and Important What is Memory Project? From the name you might guess it is something related to “Memory”, however the answer is… NO! It is actually an organization that invites and engages everyone who has the basic... Continue Reading →

太极 Taiji ECA Is In The School!

Written by:  Scott Liu “Feel your Qi in your stomach, and concentrate it on your fist.” From our coach, Zhu Xiangqian. There is a new Taiji ECA at school this year, mainly focus on teaching basic Taiji sets of movements and some real life applications of self-defending. The class was taught in the main hall... Continue Reading →

Dance ECA – New at ISS !

Contributed By : Risako Tsugaru and Chloe Kim New dance ECA was established a couple of weeks ago and started to practice from last week. In ISS, there was already existing another dance ECA but new dance ECA will especially focus on K-POP dance. Nine members joined this ECA and practice for recital that will be... Continue Reading →

Calling all delegates…

Written by:  Tarish Kadam Have you ever looked at a politician and just thought… Wow he/she is really unintelligent. And it makes you wonder how they even got to where they are now in the first place, with all the unintelligent decisions they make and all the offensive stuff they say? Have you ever wondered... Continue Reading →

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