Valentines Day — Its in the Eye of the Beholder

What one feels about that famous mid-February date known as Valentine’s Day depends a lot on their personal experiences, whether or not they are dating or married, and what their general impression is of consumerism-based “holidays”.  Here’s what some of our students had to say about Valentine’s Day.

Anonymous Student 1:

Valentines as we know is a day to celebrate love, categorizing the day of February 14th as only day to love and remember special ones. Of course, love is something to celebrate as a day, at the same time I also believe that you make your valentine feel loved everyday. So all in all I think even if we celebrate this day, it should be in our daily routine to celebrate love.

Anonymous Student 2:

What comes to mind for Valentine’s Day? Some of you might think it is romantic, wonderful and throbbing but some may think it is unnecessary and annoying. In my opinion, Valentine’s Day brings small excitement and makes one’s heart leap. According to the dating company in Korea, over 60% of girls have experience that confessed to the boys on Valentine’s Day. Also, it makes couple to see their each love. Usually, Valentine’s Day is for girl give the chocolate to boy. In Korea, there is a ‘White Day’ in March 14th, which is boy give the candy to girl. This kind of anniversary gives chance of deeper and thankful love for each other, so I approve of Valentine’s Day and also White Day.

Anonymous Student 3:

To be honest, ‘Valentine’s day’ made me angry when I just only hear the word before. There was no exact reason however, I thought it is not related to me at all. However, from this time, there was a change in my mind. Although I am super bad at cooking or baking, I decided to make chocolates for my friends. Because I saw few giving out chocolates they made last year, I thought I could do it too. So before Valentine’s day, Chloe and Min jung came to my house to bake together, but unfortunately, we screwed up. ;( So there was only small amount that I can give out to friends. I gave them with very disappointed face however, the people receiving seemed like to be pleased although the chocolate was so small! From this time, I learned how a small chocolate can spread happiness! I was proud of myself, and I am not going to ruin my chocolate next year. 😉

Anonymous Student 4:

Valentines as we know is a day to celebrate love, categorizing the day of February 14th as only day to love and remember special ones. Of course, love is something to celebrate as a day, at the same time I also believe that you make your valentine feel loved everyday. So all in all I think even if we celebrate this day, it should be in our daily routine to celebrate love.


Procrastination: The Detrimental Effects

Written by:  Sayma Shanta

You know what I do a lot? I procrastinate! Say I get a project, it starts off as a two week project, believing that there is a lot of time, half of the time is spent on planning the work and then comes the time when there is a few days left and no work is done because of rescheduling and other work getting in the way. Finally approaches the deadline, with some hours to go I plan on an hour basis, that I will spend an hour on this and then this, but then it’s still not done and I decide to pull an all nighter with six more hours to edit and add. “Well, I will just watch one more episode before I do the work, it’s only half an hour. After all I have got six hours, I mean that is a lot of time.” Bam, there it is, I fall asleep. All of a sudden I wake with my laptop on me, curled up in bed, indiscriminately staring at the curtain to figure out if it’s morning yet, and realising the regret in myself, then I check the time, and I have an hour left to work before my mum comes to wake me up, and there I am raving and flipping out on how to finish this work. To be very honest with you, it’s so much trouble, even if I did submit the work in time, but you see, the process continues all the time I have a new project.

So who would you want to be known as, the procrastinator or the organised/the efficient? Procrastination is something everyone does at some point in their lives, I do it, you do it, everyone does it, okay? This is the state of mind in which people put-off and delay important work and believe to be in a reality where deadlines do not exist and try to pass time by doing unimportant and time-wasting things (Pickhart, 2017), like playing games, binge watching tv or scroll through social media. In simpler terms, procrastination is the ability to stay occupied without doing productive work. Some people say that procrastinating gets the best work out of them, but I can tell you procrastination will drive you insane on the long run because of its detrimental after effects. Now, I will be giving three solid reasons for you to combat that instant gratification monkey in you, learning to make those rational decisions when the monkey is steering. (Inside The Mind of A Master Procrastinator, 2016) So why is it that I urge you to stop procrastinating? Not only does procrastination drive one insane mentally, it takes a toll on their health and body as well as the quality of the work that is produced from it.

Tell me one thing, did your teacher ever tell you that you were missing something from your work? Or do you ever feel that you couldn’t reach your level of achievement on a piece of work just because of the time you had left to complete it? The key, my friend, lies in time, because within time lies opportunities, which are directly related to the work that is produced, since procrastination is the assassin of time and opportunities, if one procrastinates, they directly put themselves into the state where they are forced to comply with the situation and circumstances to do their work in the rush hour of the last minute, as if one is being held hostage. It robs you from the chance of putting your decided amount of time into work, it robs you of the opportunity to do better, it robs you of the achievement level YOU wanted. (Kitroeff, 2017) But with the time spent rewarding yourself with laziness and running away from the work, you could have made a difference to your grade by starting early as you would have more time to make those changes in word choice, add some more information, cite the work properly, add images, quotes, facts and examples. (Stop procrastinating! Start writing!, 2016) Say if you pull an all nighter doing your work, your brain may be spiritually disconnected, and you may struggle to put together sentences because it is the time in which you’re meant to be sleeping.

Cognitively (mentally), procrastinating makes everything easy seem difficult turning it into the most complicated task to complete, burdening you even further to put it off, and delay it, such due to the different emotions and mindsets that procrastinators go about getting work done. The first type of procrastination mindset is the one of false dramatism, which goes mostly by saying,“This is so hard…” Making yourself feel that the work you are about to do is hard, will remind the instant gratification monkey to make you do something else because all it wants is fun, events, and relaxation, because this monkey lives in the present moment without a memory of the past. The thing with telling yourself that it’s hard won’t possibly make it easy to do, all it needs is a little bit of willpower from the rational decision maker in your brain and after it is done, do all the easy things in the world no-one will bother you but, do the bit of easy work, before it turns into the lot of hard work that you didn’t do in the right time. (Overcoming, 2017) Another type of a procrastinator’s mindset is the one of perfection, this mindset of perfection calls for the procrastinator to extend the time they get to work on something, so that they can make it perfect. A third mentality that procrastinators have are the dates of deadlines. These people think that, “Oh yeah, I’ll just do it after this week, any of these days now, after all it’s the holidays.” News flash, the holidays are over, and so should your laziness be. The deadline procrastinator measures time from present until the deadline, thinking that there is still time, that either you’ll be dead or the project will be, and this causes immense stress, further reaching the brink at which there is adrenaline rush for you to finish your work, leaving you pressurised and shaking.

Lastly the main point of this speech comes in when we talk of the severe health hazards associated with procrastination. As an article from suggests, a study from Bishop’s university in Quebec outlines that “…the trait procrastination…was significantly associated with having hypertension or cardiovascular disease.” (Association for Psychological Science, 2017) Procrastination is said to evoke physical and health aftereffects, which is very dangerous and mustn’t be thought of as a minor issue, because it can take a great toll on someone and others around the individual in question, as one thing can lead to another, it doesn’t take time for sickness to become sadness.

One decision leads to another, I don’t know about you, but yeah, it’s quite tempting to go on and do exciting and fun things, than doing boring homework, but trust me, as an experienced person on the topic of procrastination, work doesn’t let you off the hook so easily, it comes back to bite the next morning or any other time, if not the present . So the next time you even plan about doing your work later, so that you could play games, chat with your friends, watch tv or even go and read a book in the present moment, you should recall that it really isn’t worth replacing your sleep. I very strongly conclude that you won’t be doing a favor for me, nor for the person sitting next to you, same goes for anything else, you will be righteous to your own self, health and be able improve your grades, because in the end the benefit is yours as you get more time to do your work.. As you are now aware that procrastination can immensely effect your, quality of work, your mental health and body health, you should be a lot more organised with your work and get your easy work done in the proper time. Finally, summarising my points, I urge you to stop procrastinating your work, and just go on and do it, because starting now is better than starting in the last moment. (Jones, 2017)


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Second Chances

Article by: Khin Ko Ko Hsu and Kyi Shinn Khin

Have you ever wished that you could have a second chance to start things over again? Maybe a distant friendship, a broken relationship between you and someone you love, or an unstable relationship with a teacher, a friend, a colleague or a family member? Or maybe a second chance to renew your reputation? No matter what, we all deserve second chances, am I right?

We all have had mistakes in the past or did something that might have ruined your reputation at school or work. Our personalities change gradually by time and it can change completely within 5-7 years. Sometimes our personalities change in a good way, but sometimes they change in a bad way. Whether it was a small mistake, a small change in personality or a big one, you might regret some part of it. And when we do, we continuously think about opportunities to get second chances, almost as if we were going to start a new life.

Most of us are scared that if we take a second chance, we would blow it away again, like we did for our first chance. We wonder, “what would happen if I blow it again? Will I get a third chance? What will they think of me?” and so on. Sometimes people want second chances but are scared to ask for it because of the mean comment they receive from others. But to be honest, why should you be scared? If you don’t do it, you will have to stay the way you are for a long time. Who knows? Maybe the second chance you take will lead to a drastic improvement in whoever you are. After all, if you look on the bright side of things, you will eventually learn how to make your second chance worth taking as well.

Mens Day – An unimportant patriarchal idea, or an important day for human rights and gender equality?

Contributed by:  Yuval Kehila

Now with the month of December well on it’s way, and in the midst of ‘dressember’ , we come to think a lot about women and gender equality. I remember Women’s Day this year, which happened on March 8th, like every other year. I remember people wearing pink at my old school and getting their nails painted and bracelets made to earn money for the cause. We even had an assembly about women facing injustice. I saw a bunch of people wearing women’s rights shirts on Orchard and on the bus, and there were a bunch of messages and photos posted by my friends and family in celebration of the fight for women’s rights. I was happy that important issues were being shed light on, especially since the money was going to places like Saudi Arabia, where women are facing a real, and pertinent injustice to date.

Then came November 19th, not that long ago. I assume little of you know that the 19th of November is actually International Men’s Day, and has been since 1992 – though it was stopped and reintroduced in 1997. Does anything happen at any schools that I’ve been to on Men’s day? Not that I saw. There were no people on the bus wearing shirts, and there was no nail painting or fundraising. I remember asking: why?

Why do we celebrate ‘Women’s Day’ but not ‘Men’s Day’. I, for one, am very active and conscious about humanitarian fights for rights and equality, and many political movements. I personally enjoy not only getting involved – yes spending my own time – in organisations and events, but I personally enjoy conversation about issues as well.

However, it was not to my surprise that when I approached people about the lack of celebration, I only got responses like ‘We don’t need a Men’s Day’, or ‘We celebrate Women’s Day because there is a real issue of women’s rights!’. I don’t think it is of any surprise to the rest of you either, and I’m sure that some of you even responded this way while reading this.

I recognise that this is something very controversial, and that this article may anger a lot of people, however I ask of you all to take a few minutes to just watch this video with an open mind. I don’t write this to anger anyone. In fact, that would be quite counter intuitive of me.

I will try to keep this article as short as possible, despite the overwhelming amount of information to cover, and I will provide some extra knowledge sources for anyone interested below. Anyways, here are some of the areas in which men are facing injustice worldwide, especially in the 70 most developed nations. The goal of this article is to introduce these issues and bring them to light, and maybe for some of you to continue thinking about them later.

1. Parental custody

Men during a divorce are much less likely to receive custody of children in most countries. Take Canada for example, mother exclusive custody is 79.3% of the cases, whilst men exclusive custody make up only 6.6%, the rest being shared custody and others (i.e. child taken for adoption). The living arrangement is so that 86.8% of cases have children living full time with their mothers.

2. Rape risis centres

Until the year 2013 the FBI defined rape as only pertaining to women. Whilst the statistic of domestic rape (not including prison rapes that pretty much balance out the man/woman rape data around the world) shows a distinct majority of women victims, there is a serious problem of many rape crisis centres which to date deny men and boys entry to their shelters. Additionally, we live in a world where violence towards men is an issue barely mentioned. The national rape charity of the UK quote “We know that many men and boys are raped and sexually assaulted and so suffer the same traumas that women do. But because out centres are for women only, we aren’t able to offer men or boys long-term support.”

BBC found that many agencies screen men what claim they are victims, whilst immediately accepting and believing women. and that whilst there are over 4000 places for women in refuges, there are only around 16 dedicated for men in the UK. Don’t believe me? Google it!

Notably something called the NISVS, which stands for the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey, in the USA, found that the amount of men and women claiming to be victims of sexual assault are about equivalent with 1.270M females and 1.267M males.

3. Incarceration and violent crime

In august 2012 Sonja B. Star published a study titled Estimating Gender Disparities in Federal Criminal Cases. Through examining countless records and cases in the US federal criminal database, she found that men received 63% longer prison sentences with similar criminal history and for the same crime. She also found that women are much more likely to evade any sentence altogether.

4. Lack of cancer research

Breast cancer is almost exclusively a female affecting cancer. It is the third most common cancer in the world, after lung at number one, and prostate at number two. To put this simply, one in eight women get breast cancer in their lifetime, whilst one in six men get prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is exclusively a male cancer, as it affects the male reproductive system, and though it is more prevalent and deadly than breast cancer, it receives less than half the budget worldwide (around 200 million worldwide in 2010 as compared to 631 million for breast cancer that same year, and the difference is growing.) that breast cancer receives. In fact, breast cancer receives nearly double the budget of any cancer worldwide.

Until recently, many hospitals did not even recognise or invest in treatment options for men with breast cancer, which shows that this is a predominantly gender based issue.

5. Suicide

Suicide is the biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in the UK. This is similar in many countries. Male suicide was the theme of International Men’s Day this year, and the rate of male suicide is growing at a rate exponentially greater than that of women’s suicide. Men kill themselves around 3-4 times more than women worldwide. Suicide in the UK takes 12 male lives per day. In the USA, that number is 89 men per day. In India this number is exceedingly high as well. The likelihood of male suicide also skyrockets much more than that of women after divorce, which is arguably an affect of the way men are treated in divorce by the law.

Due to the length of this article, some other areas to think about are listed below, and some interesting sources as well.

  • Education (women outweigh men in universities 2 to 1).
  • Mandatory or even voluntary military service being often exclusively male, and women are not required to be in combat roles.
  • Cases of Internet harassment are taken much more seriously when they are against women.
  • Men face more employee healthy risks, work more dangerous jobs for longer hours, and receive less time off on average.
  • Single mothers often receive tax returns but not single fathers

This article is based very much on this video:

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Open Minded but Mind not Opened

By Sharaf Momen

In a world where the sun grows brighter, the nights grow ghastlier. Uglier. Darker. When ethical considerations are brought to light, more morals are challenged and betrayed. When we claim to grow in reaching the sun, we lose our grasp of the soil we laid foundation on through our roots. When we claim to be open-minded, we scared many into those who no longer wish to open their minds to us at all.

Mental health is treated as a secondary, or if not, tertiary component, or maybe even much further down our priority list, in the importance of one’s overall fitness. We focus on the physique, using height, weight, muscle mass or the condition of our skins, placing it against a scale of thin to fat, light to heavy, pale to dark as measurement of how we are as an overall being. We skim to performance, results, percentages on your child’s exam papers to measure how one is coping. We delve so much into “see to believe”, we forget to touch base on our minds, that is, without mere fractions to calculate one’s successes.

There are so many faults regarding our “logical” assumptions, but I’ll try to condense it down into a small story:

Kim had just turned 16. There was no “sweet” anywhere close to that number. She never had the slightest thought there could possibly be. She came home, back aching as each disc down her spine scream at the bag that held the books she breathed. Suffocated from. Her mother dragged herself, robotically, along to floor. She laid her feather, lifeless fingers on her daughter’s shoulders, and pressed her against herself in a hug, as she scrunched the A+ in her palms. Then, with a practiced smile, she sent her off to her room, quietly closing the door behind her. Kim took her books out in familiarity to her robotic memory, as she heard the door knob click. She saw her mother’s shadow interrupting the wooden floor, through the slit between the floor and the door. The intruder silhouette glided away, and lifted the weighted paranoia of Kim’s chest. She couldn’t help but glance at the clock, calculating how long she has till she is freed till the last minute. She looked back at her book. She wondered how long does she have to wait, not in minutes, but in days, till she doesn’t have to stare at pages, having words drain her. She’s thought to herself how it’s so exhausting, being treated like a robot, how excruciating it is to trap thoughts, doubts, hammering her skull to escape, while she just tapes it back up with unfound motivation. Taped her walls up with the thought of those around her, robots, trapped in their rooms, studying 12 hours a day, not shedding a single complaint, and hence, she dared not mention a word. Any of the words that run in a frenzy, winding around her head, creating cumulating negative thoughts that run in hurricanes, bashing against the walls of her head. Pushing tears from her eyes when pillows are ready to take their pitiful stained kisses from them. Thoughts, fuelling her robot body into following the daily procedure of running knives across wrists, and then running herself to the windows, breathing in the city lights and Korea’s pleasant pollution. She began to calculate the distance between her and busy roads down at the bottom, cars honking in preparation of the eulogy that awaits her.

The mind is an important part of your health. Your physical body is a kingdom, and it is your mind that leads it. Once the ruler is down, your kingdom, your body, is overtaken by chaos. It’s unfortunate that we’re beginning to accept more rights, such as black rights, gay rights, basic human rights, taking steps to a better future for all, almost, but we cannot accept that there are those who possess mental issues. Depression, anxiety, anorexia, ADHD, though people claim so, these are not made up as an excuse to attract extra attention, “extraordinary” qualities or compensate for lack of attentiveness. There is scientific and psychological research to prove so, where experts of such professions have even gone to the level of detecting physical differences between a normal brain and that that goes through several mental issues.

Overall, this is not a black and white world. We cannot assume things from a superficial level, or we will continue to claim we are open-minded, but in fact, reject a colossal number of those who really need help, in expressing themselves, having their voices magnified and simply understanding. Slowly, in a world where we begin to prize mental health and physical health equally, if we help those around us who need help or even help in raising awareness on the importance of physical health, Kim will not have to feel isolated, misunderstood and helpless. Maybe, if we could bring about a world where we can let people truly open their minds, we can counter the darkening night with the light in our understanding and acceptance.

Your Big Dream Is Unachievable – NOT

Story by Shintaro Miyata

We have a dream.
It might be a small dream, which is more like a ‘goal’. But it might be as big as being a millionaire. There is uncountable amount and range of dreams among us. However, there are a lot of people in the world who are not having the dream. My home country, Japan is one of the countries where a lot of people have no dreams in them.
My dream is to become a K-pop star. I want to become a person who sings, and dances on the stage, spreading twinkles, merriment and hope to the audiences. I want to be able to fly around the world, performing in front of a wide range of audience, and I want to make them think, “I want to be like him”. … A lot of people laugh or ridicule after hearing this. It is very frustrating hearing those people giggle as if I am a stupid person who is saying random crazy delusions. A lot of people who had their dream must had abandoned trying to achieve their dream by this. Well, who are they? Are they someone who is an important key to achieving your dream? Most of the time, no. They are just random people who are trying to make you a ‘non-dreamer’, like them.
…But Isn’t it ridiculous to give your dream up just for these ‘non-dreamers’? I think it is very foolish thing to do.
There are reasons why they do not have a dream. They think that dream is unachievable. This is most of the reason why people are trying to deny the possibility of you achieving the dream. When I talk about my dream, a lot of people says that is not possible to achieve. Well… who knows? No one can see our future, or decide our future. It is very funny because they are saying ‘you can not achieve it’ when they have not experienced what you want to be. Fo example, when I talked about my dream, lots of people ridiculed and said, “You really want to be a pop star? There are lot of practices you have to do, and you have to earn a lot of money. And I don’t think you can be pop star. You are not handsome, your dance moves have to be more professional, your singing is not that great, and you have to be able to speak Korean! See? It is not possible!”. Do you see this? This person is saying these statements, without really knowing what could happen. They might have seen information on Internet, but we don’t know who is really writing on it. It might be that ‘non-dreamer’ again. Who knows?
These are what I thought every moment when ever I was losing my way. Actually, before writing this article, I was concerned what to write, and what to tell you at the last. However, I remembered, whenever and whoever I asked the question, “What should I do when I lose my way?”, all the dream-achievers tell this to me, “Never give up, and stay hungry.”

You Are Beautiful

An article written by Ju Eun Park

Truly look at yourself in the mirror and say.

“You are beautiful.”

Digital information era has started. There are lots of innovation and everything is becoming more and more comfortable. You can contact with your friend with your smart phone which is always accessible, you can post your daily life on SNS (Social Network Service), and you can view every documents if you search a word related on Google. How comfortable and good it is.

These benefits satisfied and upgraded quality of many people’s life, however, significant changes occur to lots of ‘June’ in the world.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 4.14.08 PM

A girl called June closes her book and lies down on her bed. ‘I need a piece of chocolate for refreshment.’ she thinks. With a Kitkat bar on a side of her hand, she starts to look through her Timeline on Facebook. She is on cloud nine. But smile on her face is slowly turning bad. On her timeline, many photos that look very happy appear.

‘Lovely day with Sally, ‘Happy happy’, ‘(Heart), Started dating with Troy Park ‘I went to museum with these guys (giggling emoji)’, ‘I love my new phone case~’, etc.

Everyone seems happy and satisfied. June wasn’t unsatisfied with her life, but since all of her friends became prettier and skinnier, she starts to blame herself. She finally stands in front of the mirror. She looks at herself on the mirror.

‘Why am I so..fat?’

‘Why am I so ugly..?’

She can’t stop thinking negatively and comparing her to the others. She got very depressed and threw her phone away, started crying.

‘What’s wrong with me, why only me betrayed? Why how much pretty and skinny a girl is change the quality of life?’

In this society, people are eager to be skinny. They exchange their health and diet. The number of teenageres doing one-food diet, skipping the dinner to be skinny is becoming larger and larger. According to J. Armstrong, S, more than 90 percent of girls (15 to 17 years) want to change at least one aspect of their physical appearance, with body weight ranking the highest. ¹ Also obese boys and girls have significantly lower self-esteem than their non-obese peers and 80% of 10-year-old girls have answered that they have an experience in diet. Not only teenagers but also 90% of high school junior and senior women diet regularly and young girls are more afraid of becoming fat than they are of nuclear war, cancer, or losing their parents.


However, childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years. People are getting fatter and fatter these days. Why? Let’s think simply. If people are getting more and more weight, that means they are eating more calorie than needed. Remaining calories are collected in our body as fat. If we get fat, we naturally make our mind to start diet by doing exercise or not eating. However the period of these kind of diet is always limited and this situation continues like a cycle. Then understanding why are we getting fat and fail on diet is important.

First, we cannot say it’s fully our fault. The world has developed and food near us is always accessible. Also types and kinds of food had developed and increased, too. If we don’t go to the past, there is no method to solve this problem. We can buy less food but if we go out, then it would be no use.

Second, it’s because we want to taste the food. Delicious food can make people feel happy in short period. If we manage and control the amount of food we eat, we can have both happiness and diet, but it’s not easy to control appetite.

And third, we need to concentrate on the pattern we eat. People who eat to fill emptiness by food, and stop feel worried or nervous are increasing recently. Not simply exercise and dietary control is the solution but we need to diet our emotion and feelings.


When we are having a meal, there is a time when we feel full. Even though we feel full and satisfied, normal people finish their food because they feel they need to finish the dish. During the weekend when we are watching TV or Youtube video, we feel something empty so we eat some snacks or refreshments between meals. But let’s reflect ourselves. Did we really feel starved because we were hungry or starved feeling and emotion?

If you are using ‘eating’ as one of solutions to fill the emptiness or substitute melancholy, annoyance, sadness, that might be really comfortable and easy. However, you cannot really get rid of sadness and negative feeling on your mind. Also that can lead you go on binge and feel guilty or gain weight. So reducing the deficiency of emotion by eating is not a good idea.

Then why don’t you try to think and ask yourself? ‘Why do I still want to eat even though I am full now?’ It’s a process checking your real emotion and condition. If you apprehend that you don’t need to eat anymore, you would be able to understand your condition and decrease appetite naturally.

If you always want to eat something, then you need to look through your emotions and feelings. Writing down your emotion in detail is one of the methods that you can both examine your feeling and decrease eating. ‘How do I feel now?’ When you first try writing your feelings, that won’t be easy. However you have to be familiar with looking in yourself and be able to communicate with yourself.

Putting an appetite down is not a short course diet, but being honest in your life. Eating the amount that you only need can be a good and healthy habit.

In this video 2, Ms. Russell changes her dress into long comfortable skirt. She tries to reduce the prejudice about appearance. And she tells the image and photos that posted at the front pages of magazine are not her. Every photos are edited and photoshopped. Which means a perfect body that media suggesting us are very unrealistic. She mentions that appearance can’t be everything of own life, and that is not the thing that always make her happy.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 4.16.19 PM.png

“And here’s me today. And I hope what you’re seeing is that these pictures are not pictures of me. They are constructions, and they are constructions by a group of professionals, by hairstylists and makeup artists and photographers and stylists and all of their assistants and pre-production and post-production, and they build this. That’s not me.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 4.16.28 PM.png

According to one research in mental health centre in America, Barbie doll cannot walk ordinarily if she is a real human. The research team suggested that the possibility real woman who looks very alike a Barbie doll would exist is 1 over 2.4 billion.

In our life, we are exposed to too many media and advertisements. Even though most of fashion magazine and brand companies are using Photoshops and making the model unrealistic, those images are published very naturally and exists in our life. Even though we know that they are not real, we do unhealthy diet and unsatisfy with ourselves. Even though we are using Photoshop app before posting a photo on SNS, we think the others wouldn’t use the app.

Pretty and skinny.

Why did we become so cruel with ourselves? Try to look at yourself in the mirror and say, you are beautiful. Don’t compare with others. Try to be honest with your emotion, and do healthy diet. Try to encourage and love yourself truly. Appearance was, is, and will never be everything.

You are the finest, loveliest, tenderest, and most beautiful person I have ever known and even that is an understatement. (F. Scott Fitzgerald)


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