Top 5 Must-Read Historical Fiction Books

Article by: Jesselyn Handoko   Pachinko   “There was more to being something than just blood.” Pachinko is a historical fiction piece written by Min Jin Lee set in 1900s’ about the Japanese colonization of Korea before it split into the North and South. The story follows a young Korean girl, Sunja, and the struggle... Continue Reading →


Neither sides are innocent – How media manipulates situations

Authors: Khin KoKo Hsu and Kyi Shinn Khin Photo credit: Before we start this article, we would like to ask all of the readers -- Do you trust everything you see on the news? CAN you trust everything you see on the news? Lastly, are you sure you know the truth of what’s going... Continue Reading →

Second Chances

Article by: Khin Ko Ko Hsu and Kyi Shinn Khin Have you ever wished that you could have a second chance to start things over again? Maybe a distant friendship, a broken relationship between you and someone you love, or an unstable relationship with a teacher, a friend, a colleague or a family member? Or... Continue Reading →

Open Minded but Mind not Opened

By Sharaf Momen In a world where the sun grows brighter, the nights grow ghastlier. Uglier. Darker. When ethical considerations are brought to light, more morals are challenged and betrayed. When we claim to grow in reaching the sun, we lose our grasp of the soil we laid foundation on through our roots. When we... Continue Reading →

You Are Beautiful

An article written by Ju Eun Park Truly look at yourself in the mirror and say. “You are beautiful.” Digital information era has started. There are lots of innovation and everything is becoming more and more comfortable. You can contact with your friend with your smart phone which is always accessible, you can post your daily... Continue Reading →

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