Open Minded but Mind not Opened

By Sharaf Momen In a world where the sun grows brighter, the nights grow ghastlier. Uglier. Darker. When ethical considerations are brought to light, more morals are challenged and betrayed. When we claim to grow in reaching the sun, we lose our grasp of the soil we laid foundation on through our roots. When we... Continue Reading →

You Are Beautiful

An article written by Ju Eun Park Truly look at yourself in the mirror and say. “You are beautiful.” Digital information era has started. There are lots of innovation and everything is becoming more and more comfortable. You can contact with your friend with your smart phone which is always accessible, you can post your daily... Continue Reading →

Produce 101: What Is It For?

Story by Ju Eun Park  “I WANT YOU PICK ME UP, PICK ME, PICK ME, PICK ME UP!” 101 Girls are gathered on stage. They are wearing the same clothes, singing the same song, and dancing the same dance. But, who are they? And why? ‘Vote for your girl.’ This was the subtitle for the Korean... Continue Reading →

Nationality Versus Humanity

By Sarah Johansson When I was in grade 8, living in Sweden, I joined a programme called ‘Then and Now’. It was a government-funded initiative that chose 30 students from across the country from different grades, genders, socioeconomic backgrounds and levels of achievement academically. Based in a tiny town of 95% ‘Swedes’ with many privileges,... Continue Reading →

News Coverage: Who Cares, and Who Pays?

Article by Rishi Srinivasan Internationally countries are recognized by media. Media tells the world of what is happening in all parts of the world. Media is a strong way to persuade a message but some countries are not noticed and mostly it is the developing countries that are not noticed. Countries such as Chennai for... Continue Reading →

Feminism’s Definition Is Forgotten

Story by Sharaf Momen   We all know Emma Watson right? The one who played Hermione from the Harry Potter series. Well, she just had a groundbreaking interview with Malala Yousafzai, the girl who won the Nobel Peace Prize for standing up for the education rights of 66 million girls from Pakistan being denied... Continue Reading →

A Little Flexibility

Article By Sharaf Momen ISS uniforms have taken a massive leap. Remember the old ones? Yeah, the buttoned-down shirts with a boring purple globe between two merlions embroidered at the left breast pocket? Yeah. They’re gone! From that, ISS uniforms have managed to rise to an excellent design appreciated by much of the student body... Continue Reading →

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