Students VS Teachers

Teachers VS Students Everyone in ISS works hard but who do you think works harder - teachers or students? And who does more work? ISS has put their Reponses (Drum roll please … ) 44 people have put their responses and in them 32 of them were students and rest were teachers. Everyone has their own perspective... Continue Reading →

Start School Later!

Article by Jason Yoo Our school, ISS, starts at 8 in the morning. I take a school bus to school, but each student has a different way coming to school such as MRT, public bus, or taxi. For me, as the school bus will pick me up at 7:30, I have to wake up around... Continue Reading →

More Funding for Arts Education

Article by Shintaro Miyata How would you feel … if in the future, no music exists in the world; there aren’t any of your favorite artists, and the only sound you hear are the voices of people, daily life noise and the sound of electric devices? How would you feel if no electric devices were... Continue Reading →

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