Written by: Jose Gabriel Macion It’s a season, which means new sports opportunities for the students of ISS. This season offers Frisbee and Badminton. The sport season for Frisbee this year is a short one. It consists of 7 weeks with at least one game per week. The team hasn’t had the best start so... Continue Reading →


Varsity Girls’ Basketball 2017-2018 Season

Written by: Meiko Taima and Hana Yagyu Season Overview Wed 29 Nov. - 4.30 pm - Match @ UWCD (JSH) Tues. 5 Dec. - 4.45 pm - Match @ CIS Tues. 16 Jan. - 4.30 pm - Match @ ICS Mon Jan 22 - 4.30 pm - Match @ SJII Feb 3rd - Finals matches... Continue Reading →

Football Fridays

Written by: Jose Gabriel Macion In a student’s life, there must always be balance. A balance between academics, sports, creativity and other extracurricular activities. If a student is covered in academic tasks all the time, then that student may fail to use the other areas that he/she may accel at. Additionally, a balance provides stability... Continue Reading →

Lions on 3, 2, 1! LIONS!

Author: Jason Yoo Photo credits: Mr. Larkins It has been a big season for the Varsity Boys' Volleyball Team with the boys capping off a spectacular season with a championship win. We won our first match against SAIS, Following this huge win, we remained undefeated and won the finals. We struggled during the match against... Continue Reading →

ISS Pride: Boys’ Soccer

Author: Eric Jung Photo credit: anonymous student from another school Soccer is a sport nearly everyone shows an interest in. As most of us know, 11 players from each team compete against another with the ball using only our feet, except for the goalkeepers. Soccer is a strategic sport where players change the formations or... Continue Reading →

Boys’ Basketball Season

It has been a big season for basketball with the Varsity Boys capping off a spectacular season with a championship win!  Following this huge win, the boys' team felt ready to take on the world and the world arrived at their doorstep in the form of the Teacher Team. A thrilling back and forth game ensued... Continue Reading →

Varsity Girls’ Badminton

Written by:  Apoorva Chugh The ISS Girls Badminton Varsity team won their first match against UWC last week. With other matches coming up soon, the team has been practicing with enthusiasm and energy. Typically for some people, practicing badminton would mean playing matches. However, the practices are not only about applying our skills and playing... Continue Reading →

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