Scissors Words

She handles words with grace and precision, She knows how to fit them perfectly, How to pick, How to cut, How to stitch, What goes in what, Any love can be bought with this currency. Holy tones in her voice vibrate so fervently, Churches crumble in prayer to her words, Stories, passions, God’s own fractions,... Continue Reading →

Seasons Scream

When the first rays of her sunlight fingers, Brushed against my frozen hands, I felt blushing roses on my cheeks. Gardens growing in her flirting streaks. I felt her loving Spring thaw the ice, Grass sprouting from forgotten wounds, I felt old butterflies fluttering again, In my stomach, as feelings bloomed. These feelings flared in... Continue Reading →

Trick Of The Light

Prancing where there are no dreams, The sun howls its glorious brightness, Roars its light on the Earth in beams, Threatening to consume all darkness. So darkness, she hides in unlit zones, In corners, crevices, under unturned stones, Confined in indefinite prisons that roam, To hide where, by light, remains unknown. The light sets itself... Continue Reading →

Dhruv Wadkar: Asiatic Lion

By Haru Okano The ISS Voice was lucky enough to get time from Dhruv Wadkar and got him to answer some questions about his exhibit during the past few days at Sun Tec City- Asiatic Lions! Why Asiatic Lions? People must be keen in knowing why Dhruv had his exhibition on Asiatic lions… Did he have a personal... Continue Reading →

I Am From …

Poem by: Shuaizheng (Scott) Liu 我来自海淀。 随着为这个世界的第一声哭泣, 我诞生于一个春天的下午。 我不知, 不知单纯的对或错, 不知具体的广或狭。 我只为离开而哭泣, 我只为进入而哭泣。   I am from the short toon tree at the side of countryside. Grandpa cutting of the toons standing on a steel ladder shining in the light. Toons fried eggs stand for every early spring.   I am from the soft bed in... Continue Reading →

Blindly Happy

By Sharaf Awad Momen We’ve passed the age of superficial discrimination, Where our skins have already been engineered to fit in with the rest, Mirrors now reflect more than just our appearance, Thoughts grind and tear your mind as your eyes glare at your reflection, Only to have your own gaze pierce right through you,... Continue Reading →

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