First step to be united

Written by: Youngwoo (Eric) Jung Photo credits to and North Korea and South Korea united their women ice hockey teams in Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. It is the first time that the North and South Korean team united and competed together against other countries. Also during the opening ceremony, there wasn’t a flag for... Continue Reading →


Voice Blockchain

Written by: Scott Liu If you have been on internet recently, the word “Bitcoin” or “Blockchain” should be familiar to you. Scott Liu is here today to tell you everything you need to know about the Blockchain. Bitcoin, or Blockchain currency is usually being described as the “Next big thing” and has gained attention from... Continue Reading →

Chinese New Year – The Year of the Dog

Written by: Shihao Cai Traditions of the new year As everyone knows, Chinese New Year is the most important celebration in China. According to the Chinese tradition, it’s the first day of the new year in the Chinese Lunar calendar. It is an important holiday for Chinese people to commemorate their ancestors and to god,... Continue Reading →


By Jose Gabriel Macion - December 8, 2017 What is Globalisation? (image source: How is it that people around the world are able to share and communicate their cultures despite being so far from each other? Why is it that trade, travel, and communication cover a wider range of locations, ever so that before?... Continue Reading →

“Staging The Unstageable” – By Sayma Ahmed Shanta

“Staging The Unstageable” - By Sayma Ahmed Shanta “Staging the unstageable,” putting real life experiences on stage. As the online dictionary defines, the medieval Latin word, Verbatim, is the use of the same words that were originally used. (, 2017) Thus when Verbatim is conjoined with theatre, it implies the re-telling of a situation.... Continue Reading →

Deforestation Around the World

Deforestation around the world Misusing the gift of nature By Khin KoKo Hsu Wildlife, nature, trees and plant have been a part of this planet Earth since millions of years ago. They are the lifeline and the beauty that the Earth gave us. But right now, we have been misusing that gift of nature. We... Continue Reading →

Global Interactions and Development In Cambodia

Written by: Risa Yamazaki Cambodia, a country in Southern East Asia, is one of the developing countries, which has demonstrated progress in 2016. However, there are many issues that must be solved as soon as possible. I think Cambodia must execute more global interaction to make more advances. Global interaction gives countries many benefits, such... Continue Reading →

Smiles: Worth More than Gold

Smiles: Worth More than Gold What you take for granted is a life goal for others Written by:  Sue Yoo For my life so far and even now, I am not the kind of person who is satisfied with what I have or feel grateful for any points of my life. Living standards, environments, appearances,... Continue Reading →

Whole Foods Market Business Article

Written by:  Kate Reidinger Whole Foods Market is an American supermarket chain, originally founded in Austin, Texas on September 20th of 1980 by Mark Skiles, Craig Weller, John Mackey, and Renee Lawson Hardy; all of whom had been owners of different natural foods corporations. Whole Foods Market is known for exclusively supplying consumers with natural... Continue Reading →

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