“TWELFTH NIGHT: Romantic Love Vs. Infatuation” – By Sayma Ahmed Shanta

“TWELFTH NIGHT: Romantic Love Vs. Infatuation” – By Sayma Ahmed Shanta

In Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, the theme of Romantic Love vs. Infatuation is seen in many of the initial stages, through the different characters.


Orsino, the great count, is seen portraying this theme, in a major role throughout the play. The opening lines of the play are an ideal example of this theme, as we see love trying to break through amongst the riddles of infatuation which Orsino is intertwined between. An important quotation from this opening poem dictated by Orsino is shown taking on the theme of infatuation.

“If music be the food of love, play on

Give me excess of it, that surfeiting.” (1-2, Act 1, Scene 1)

The first two lines of the play as above, show that Orsino is very deeply captured in loving the feeling of being in love, as he says, “give me excess of it.” The word, “it” in this phrase is showing love, as in “give me excess of love.” And that boldly points out that Orsino is yearning for affection, being infatuated, especially because his love for Olivia is single sided and remains as so for the rest of the play.

Another reason showing that the love that Orsino feels is really infatuation with being in love is seen in the last part of the play. Wherein Orsino casually and easily consents to make Viola his lady, after Olivia rejects his proposal for marriage. It very obviously lines out that Orsino just wants to be loved, or be in love, with whom, to him that doesn’t matter. As against, romantic love which would be tragic, where Orsino (to actually be in romantic love) must love Olivia, and no one other than her to show that he is actually in real love. However Shakespeare decides to make him as a character who just loves to love, or else, Viola wouldn’t have been married to Orsino.




This idea is supported by a quote given from the same poem that Orsino starts the play with, which is shown below.

“O spirit of love, how quick and fresh art thou,” (9, Act 1, Scene 1)

“Even in a minute. So full of shapes is fancy,” (14, Act 1, Scene 1)

These two lines create an effect of foreshadowing to show that the spirit of love is “quick” and “fresh.”How Orsino feels from time to time that love itself comes naturally, and is very quick and fresh. And the start of line 14 directly points out about how love can change, or come, even in a minute with emotions that are strongly felt. So emphasizing that love, in his life is bouncy, and he is happy as long he is loving and that love is being reciprocated.

This situation, seen in a different light, embodies irony. It is composed of the idea that it is ironic that Orsino loved Olivia so eminently, that he had hired and sent Cesario with a ring to marry Olivia, although just in an instant, he switched from wanting to marry Olivia to marrying Viola, just like that, without hesitation. This ironic sight of love that Shakespeare integrates in this play, although if hidden, gives insight to reality in the real world where many people just change from loving someone dearly for many, many years perhaps, to looking at someone else and starting to admire/love them instead, just because his/her love isn’t reciprocated or due to being rejected. For example, the way that Olivia rejects Orsino. Where looks are the trap and eyes are the gateway to one’s vulnerable heart.

“I pray you, do not fall in love with me, for I am falser than vows made in wine.” – Shakespeare (As You Like It, 1599)


ISS’ Participation in the Chingay Parade 2017

Written by:   Joo Ho Yoon

It’s a casual Friday night after Lunar New Year. The colorful sparks of firework mark the end of Lunar New Year, as well as the start of the annual parade. To Singapore, Chingay Parade is the second most valuable season. It is a nation-wide parade for Singapore to reassure its stable friendships with countries so as to bring one nation to one. Practically, it is quite hard to bring people from different ethnic grounds to one. Throughout the history of humankind, tribes and nations have been the source of inspiration and motivation for people. People felt the sense of belonging because they were part of one homogeneous community. Singapore is a rare yet successful case, where people found motivation from accepting difference. Chingay Parade is the evidence of that.

The parade is like a bunch of flowers. If you expect to see only red because we call it ‘Chinese New Year’, you better not. Literally, every single color can be sighted especially when all of them are busy preparing for the parade. From the moment the participants start preparing the parade has begun. Different nationality teams enjoy their time taking photos together, talking to each other and strolling around. It may look like a chaos to hear all kinds of traditional songs and beats at the same time but as you watch it, you will notice that this is what people call Singaporean.

The parade is fun. As you clap to the beat, cheer for the performers, take photos and cheer with other, you feel like you are really engaged in the parade. Also, it is perhaps the best attraction for tourists. Seeing fancy and casual tourist attractions are also fun, but Chingay Parade could be a good chance for them to see the real identity of Singapore as a nation.

ISS has always been part of Chingay Parade. We are there to not only represent a country but the fact that the parade is open to all kinds of people. Foreigners, teenagers and elderlies. Although it was a hard time trying to catch up with the weekly practice and making sure that the costume is perfect at the end of the event we were pretty sure it was all worth doing.


Equity in Singapore

Equity in Singapore: The Increased Help Needed for Soup Kitchens to Serve the Underprivileged

Written by: Vera Goh

What happens when an overworked single mum juggling multiple jobs has no time to cook for her children?

How does a disabled elderly couple buy groceries to feed themselves?

These are just two cases of people who fall through the cracks of our social assistance scheme. Singapore is often thought as a prosperous country with a high standard of living. However, the underprivileged are often out of sight out of mind. Many lack the means to provide proper meals for their families every day. Willing hearts, a charitable volunteer organisation prepares and delivers up to 3000 meals daily. Tony Tay, the founder starts toiling in the kitchen as early as 5am and works until 7pm. Volunteers prepare lunch from 5am till 12pm and start prepping for the next day’s meals.

Although I did not visit Cambodia with the rest of grade 10, I helped out at the soup kitchen of willing hearts and better understood the plight of the underprivileged in Singapore, a group we often think does not exist due to our high GDP and modern infrastructure. We might believe that we do not have poverty like Cambodia, a less developed country, but relative poverty still exists in Singapore and many struggle to feed themselves on a day to day basis. I prepared food in the morning, packed the cooked food and fruits, before heading out to deliver them to the people eagerly waiting. At each block, we gave out 100 packets of food and we drove out to 5 different blocks. Are the resources in Singapore distributed evenly such that everyone has minimum access? This trip made me question if this really was the case. With the widening gap between the rich and the poor, soup kitchens are critical to ensure the underprivileged have equitable access to resources. As I packed 25 avocados in a bag, it made me think how the underprivileged struggle to even buy two fruits for themselves. Looking at their smiles and eager hands when they received the food from us, it struck me how thankful they were and how hot food daily was a privilege to them.

The lack of equity also compromises on the freedom of choice of the underprivileged. Helping out made me realise how the poor lack the freedom of choice with regards to their meals. Dependent on daily deliveries they cannot be fussy about their food. We often take the freedom of choice for food for granted, picking and choosing what to eat, throwing much away into big garbage bags. This experience reminded me how blessed we are to be able to pick our meals every day because the choice does not exist for everyone.

What happens to all the food we choose not to eat every day? Leftovers are thrown into large garbage bags and wasted. Singapore generates 790 000 tonnes of food waste a year – almost two bowls of rice per person daily. Willing hearts depends on food donations from wholesale markets and supermarkets to have materials to cook hot meals. However, they consist of fruits which are overly ripe, vegetables which are starting to turn black at the edges and thus remain unsold. Hence, more can be done to save resources and donate them to charitable causes which need them- soup kitchens. The vast amounts of food wasted can be put into good use by feeding the underprivileged. This is especially since Singapore is a small country which lacks natural resources, heavily dependent on imports from other countries.

The responsibility to help the underprivileged not only lies with the government but with each one of us. “If everyone can help just one other person, that would be enough,” says Mr Tay. The soup kitchen needs volunteers to help in order to successfully deliver all the 3000 meals- people to prepare, pack and deliver food. When I went to soup kitchen, I saw for myself how they had baskets of cabbages to cut, cartons of avocados to pack. The poor may not have the freedom of choice to choose what they eat or choose to be in poverty but each one of us has the choice to volunteer at soup kitchen and lend a helping hand to alleviate their poverty.

Singapore may be a more developed country than Cambodia. However, similar issues of equitable access to resources exist.”When I was poor, I was helped without any questions asked, so now I give” Mr Tay explains. As the poor struggle to feed themselves, we can do more to help feed the underprivileged.


Othman, L., Reducing food waste: Getting Singaporeans to embrace ‘ugly food’. Channel NewsAsia. Available at: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/reducing-food-waste-getting-singaporeans-to-embrace-ugly-food/3229504.html [Accessed January 25, 2017].

Anon, Soup kitchen cooks up hearty meals for the needy. AsiaOne. Available at: http://news.asiaone.com/news/singapore/soup-kitchen-cooks-hearty-meals-needy?page=0%2C1 [Accessed January 25, 2017].

Qingming Festival

文:刘帅正 Scott Liu

“清明时节雨纷纷,路上行人欲断魂。” – Du Mu, Chinese poet 803–852

Qingming festival is on April 4th. It is probably the most underrated festival in Chinese culture. It is very common that you have never heard of it. Today, I am showing you three things about Qingming festival

What is 清明节 (Qingming Jie) ?

As one of the Chinese 24-Solar-Terms, 清明 in English means “Pure Brightness”. Around April 4th, the temperature gets warmer and everything turns green and bright. People see this time in the year as a representative of freshness, probity, and honesty. It is also a time for us to show our respect to the past ones.

The Origin of 清明节 ?

According to legend, once there was a prince and a courtier escaping from political prosecution to another country. On the way, they were extremely hungry and tired. But they can’t find anything in the middle of nowhere. The courtier decided to cut off a piece of meat from his leg and cooked it for the prince. The prince was then able to continue the journey.

Many years later the prince became a king again and he was bent on finding the courtier that has helped him before. Some said the courtier was living on a mountain surrounded by dense forest, finding him will never be easy. Some said the only way to find him is to burn the forest and leave a path to force him out. The king did so. In the day of Qingming, the fire burnt through the whole mountain and the king still couldn’t find him. At last, they found the courtier’s dead body under a tree and the king cried in regret.

After that, he set the day of Qingming to be a memorial day. It has become a tradition for people to tend to graves and pay respect to the past ones. This tradition is kept until today.

What do people do in 清明节 ?

The most common activity in Qingming festival is to visit the graveyard. Clean the gravestones and plant some flowers. Many famous individuals graves are always visited during Qingming. Many people in Singapore still run the original process. They place wine, fruits, seafood and flowers before the grave. Light the candles and paper money to “Give money to the dead”. Then eat the food and leave the shells of seafood there to say “The children have tended the grave”.

Other than that, many prefer to enjoy the refreshing weather of Qingming. Groups of people will organize hiking, traveling or mountain climbing. It is called “Finding Spring” or “Stepping Green”. Also, instead of burning forests, tree planting activities are popular in Qingming as well.

The rest are not listed.

St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival Singapore

Article by Sharaf Momen

Though people say Singapore is boring and limited in what it can provide, thousands had the opportunity to experience the fire Laneway Festival has brought into the small country. Starting at a small Melbourne bar, the ember has managed to rage into flames on an international level. Now an annual music event, Laneway Festival marks a gateway for some of the citizens in Singapore to witness well known Australian Bands. Though mostly Indie music, audiences can have their share of electronic music, instrumental bands and many more.

So how does a teenager fit into the all the fireworks and energy that burns through the Laneway Festival?

As I witnessed a few teachers (they came too, of course) drinking their spiced rum (on the rocks), I could hear the whispers of many of the thirteen to eighteen year olds cheering for only the Internet, 1975 and Flume band. Not painting shame on anyone’s faces, but I was one of them too – in fact, I was not even aware of, what’s this so called “Flume”.

For most people, the day started, “not so great”, as quoted by Kinari Adiarni. I would not phrase it that way – it was utterly scorching. Shade was a rare resource and heat choked every bit of moisture we had off our skins. It had rained a while back, so the mud had pooled and it necessitated the strategic placement of wooden planks for people to walk over. Shoes were dirtied and tears were shed, as heard in Carrie Jade’s sobbed complains of how ‘the shoes she bought just for this day had already ‘died”. There were many in the crowd that decided to take a drastic change in outfit to fit the theme of the entire Laneway environment – hipster wear, caps, flower crowns, bright and loose clothing and more.

The pace was slow and tedious as daylight burned savagely, as the majority of the crowds were bored of performances by bands barely anyone knew. The heat and congested sensation from too many people made everyone enervated and ravenous, so if the food that were there were not present, many would resort to cannibalism and murder… The food and drinks included amazing cheese fries, meatballs, sushi, cranberry juice (which we were limited to because we were underage at that point) and several cocktails named after exotic countries. Though often reasonably priced, the sushi served as an excellent buffer for hunger at a reasonable price (surprisingly), and everyone enjoyed them on the emerald grass as boys, girls, women and men bursted into laughter and surprise seeing more familiar faces under the clouded pain of the merciless and soon to be dying sun.


(Photo from the Official Laneway Festival)

In the absence of the sun, the Internet ignited the mostly younger crowd of inactive wicks that went hungry for a long awaited fire, as their music released an intense shock that forced the people to scream. It was like a ripple of noise that grew larger from the point of tension – Kyd herself, her voice sprouting energy and their own fireworks in invisible bursts, responded by cheers, whistles and female screams that had their own deafening ripple effect. It was rather difficult to stay stable in one area of the crowd and rude children (teenagers, but they act so) pushed past us to get to the front. I was one of them, but for a good purpose! (to write this article) We danced and screamed, our voices blending into the sea of noise, like salt dissolving in water until you see no more. Intensity rose and hype quaked the floors under our feet as we jumped with each drop in beat, solo, chorus. Hearts abandoned their rhythm of 80 beats per minute to keep up with the sudden pace in time and the skies turned black without us noticing, while stars decided to come cheer for 1975 as the Internet finished transitioned off the stage, fighting against the latched strings forged by the audience’s desire for an encore. The desire soon died as 1975 filled the quick void in our hearts, while shouts and words were thrown about. Skies turned and the world spun as time stopped when they performed “Girls”. Not only that, but they also happened to give a few main lyrics to the crowd off a song unheard off, which happened to show up on their latest album! So naturally, all their heart, blood and sweat would go into making their last song their best, and you can feel everybody’s soul slowly gravitating towards the stage, a rush of energy and excitement, almost visible under the panicking lights of burning red, green and blinding white.


(Photo from the Official Laneway Festival)

The day started slow, but ended with exhilarating passion. The food was great;, drinks, I can’t make a fair comment. It was definitely an opportunity nobody could resist (although some unfortunate people did_, and everyone was granted the chance to celebrate under the waves of music and excitement pulsating from their favourite bands and artists. Starting at 10am and ending at 2am, it was natural that the exhilarating event was also tremendously enervating, but if it keeps you from regretting nothing, then they have done a good job. So well done Laneway Festival. You have done a great job.

Guide Dog

By Haru Okano and Tamayo Ong

Have you ever realized the beeping sounds of the traffic lights when you walk by? Did you know those sounds were for blind people to walk the road safely? In my home country, there are quite a lot of efforts and changes being made to support blind people. For example, braille is more seen frequently, as well as most shops have a sticker on their front door indicating that guide dogs are allowed in the store.

But, how about in Singapore? These are some facts about the blind population in Singapore:

Did you know?

1. There are over 17,000 people living in Singapore who are blind

2. Which means… 5% of the population in Singapore is said to be blind

3. In the world, due to diseases, the population of the blind is increasing…

From the list above, and with the current situations we all know in Singapore about guide dogs and the blind, u can say that there needs to be more done in this country!! It was only in September of 2015 that Singapore first got an official trainer for guide dogs.

These are some benefits of blind people having guide dogs:

  • Guide dogs can facilitate social interaction by encouraging sighted people to initiate conversation, and by improving owners’ social competence, reducing their feelings of isolation, insecurity and dependence within social situations.
  • Guide dogs may let the owner improve the recovery of illness.
  • Guide gods also improve blind people’s health, since they increased exercise on regular walking.

Guide dogs play an important role with blind people, as it becomes a part of them, and not only helps the blind people move around easily, but also comforts them as a friend.

Statistics say, that if a person becomes blind at the age of 30, they need about 4(or 5 or 6 or 7) guide dogs to have by their side in their lifetime.

It is important for us to support the blind population in Singapore, because we are part of it. Thank you for the support for the bake sale we had on the 14th of December! Money raised for this sale would be donated to the Guide Dogs Association of the Blind to train the guide dog and support people who struggle with loss of slight.

Go to http://guidedogs.org.sg/ for more information!

The Haze

Article by Rishi Srinivasan

Photos by Rishi Srinivasan and Google

Haze is not the best for ISS. Haze has caused the whole of Singapore to get sick and that delays everything. But what is it? And how haze it affected ISS?

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 4.30.36 pm

Haze is an atmospheric phenomenon where dust, smoke and other dry particles pollute the air quality and make the sky hard to see. Due to the contamination of air quality, during extreme conditions of haze people find it difficult to breathe. Over the past few weeks, Haze has become a major environmental issue in Singapore. This problem however has been significant since the 70s however currently it is worse than it has ever been.

Tarani Cree Kruman

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 4.30.20 pm

Our school ISS has many outdoor activities as school is not only about studying, but also it maintains everything from physical education to fun. The haze has been killing our outdoor activities such as in P.E had to do basketball for the second unit and many people were pumped about the fact of basketball but haze changed the unit.

Not only does it affect the normal classes it also affects ECA . All outdoor activities in ISS have been cancelled such as badminton ECA, Varsity football, Varsity volleyball, Cross country, Pink Ribbon Walk and Animal Lovers League, Swim gala, to name just a few. “Swim gala was going to happen which would have been really fun and school closing is very sad but one big problem was we had to wear masks and it really annoyed me and it also cancelled the cross country which I was doing well in.” – Valentina Brodini 9.3

When the PSI (Pollutant standard index) reading reaches 300, school is shut down nationally. Haze has also affected the students of ISS’s health as it affects breathing and sight therefore people had to miss school as they got sick and at one point of time which the whole school shut down (must remember because it was the best thing that happened for students and also teachers) “Yes I have got an throat pain and my eyes started to dry up which was scary”- Valentina Brodini 9.3 . People who like school also get sick and it affects the studies.

But even then we missed education and not learned as much as we would in school.

An interview with Valentina Brodini had the same perspective as many other ISS students. Yes it also affects where we go out and many outdoor activities are cancelled and it has been going on for a long time. “It also affects where we go out and many outdoor activities are cancelled and it has been going on for a long time.” – Valentina Brodini.  This shows that students in ISS not only face problems in school but other places. “The Pink Ribbon Walk got cancelled which was disappointing as we paid for it and we wanted to raise awareness for breast cancer” – Valentina Brodini. This walk had not only effected Valentina it effected everyone in Singapore who wanted to go to The Pink Ribbon Walk.

Symptoms and effects

Haze does affect the lungs severely and it dries then irra eyes and skin not everyone does take it seriously which needs to be taken serious as it is an easy chance of causing asthma therefore try stay indoors.

How to protect yourself

*Wear N95 Mask

*Stay indoors with air purifiers or air conditioner

*Eye drop that makes your eyes not dry

*Cover as much skin possible  to not dry it