Gong Cha, or LiHo?

Article by: Jesselyn Handoko For all bubble tea lovers in Singapore, some might be wondering why the constant bubble tea rebranding, or changes- from ShareTea to Gong Cha to LiHo, some might notice that they have different menus and tastes. And recently, Singapore has undergone large changes in their bubble tea industry, with the shutting... Continue Reading →

A Guide to Singapore

Written by: Elliot D'Silva We roam around Singapore as if we are fully aware of everything that it can provide, however, often times some of the most golden locations are also some of the most disregarded in nature. For example, if you were to take a walk in the evening around Tanjong Pagar, accessible through... Continue Reading →

Botanic Gardens

Author: Khin KoKo Hsu When you hear the word Singapore, what do you think of? A well-developed city covered with trees? Well, that’s actually true because Singapore really is a nature-loving city. You can see trees and buildings everywhere! For this article, I want to talk about the Botanic Gardens. So here is a little... Continue Reading →

Breast Cancer Awareness Walk (BCAW)

Author: Liu Shuai Zheng BCAW - the short name for Breast Cancer Awareness Walk, is one of the largest charity events in Singapore. On 7 October 2017, participants of the walk gather at Waterfront Promenade for this annual event.   ISS students have participated in the BCAW for years. Each year, our student leaders introduce... Continue Reading →

Equity in Singapore

Equity in Singapore: The Increased Help Needed for Soup Kitchens to Serve the Underprivileged Written by: Vera Goh What happens when an overworked single mum juggling multiple jobs has no time to cook for her children? How does a disabled elderly couple buy groceries to feed themselves? These are just two cases of people who... Continue Reading →

Qingming Festival

文:刘帅正 Scott Liu “清明时节雨纷纷,路上行人欲断魂。” - Du Mu, Chinese poet 803–852 Qingming festival is on April 4th. It is probably the most underrated festival in Chinese culture. It is very common that you have never heard of it. Today, I am showing you three things about Qingming festival What is 清明节 (Qingming Jie) ? As one... Continue Reading →

St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival Singapore

Article by Sharaf Momen Though people say Singapore is boring and limited in what it can provide, thousands had the opportunity to experience the fire Laneway Festival has brought into the small country. Starting at a small Melbourne bar, the ember has managed to rage into flames on an international level. Now an annual music... Continue Reading →

Guide Dog

By Haru Okano and Tamayo Ong Have you ever realized the beeping sounds of the traffic lights when you walk by? Did you know those sounds were for blind people to walk the road safely? In my home country, there are quite a lot of efforts and changes being made to support blind people. For example, braille is... Continue Reading →

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