Guide Dog

By Haru Okano and Tamayo Ong Have you ever realized the beeping sounds of the traffic lights when you walk by? Did you know those sounds were for blind people to walk the road safely? In my home country, there are quite a lot of efforts and changes being made to support blind people. For example, braille is... Continue Reading →

The Haze

Article by Rishi Srinivasan Photos by Rishi Srinivasan and Google Haze is not the best for ISS. Haze has caused the whole of Singapore to get sick and that delays everything. But what is it? And how haze it affected ISS? Haze is an atmospheric phenomenon where dust, smoke and other dry particles pollute the... Continue Reading →

Ganesh Chaturthi

Article by Apoorva Chugh Photo from Do you remember what was going on close to the school 17th September? Probably not, but you should remember the time when you saw thousands of people lined up in the temple right in front of our school. Why were they there? Was it for the free food?... Continue Reading →

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