Peer Counseling ECA

Article by: Yuna Maejima Peer counselling ECA that takes place on every Wednesday lunchtime, focuses on dealing stress that students may have on a regular basis. If you wish to support students under stress, or if you want to have a career related to psychology in the future, this is the right time for you... Continue Reading →

ISS Pride: Boys’ Soccer

Article by: Eric Jung Photo credits: PE Department, Wang Hao Soccer is a sport nearly everyone shows an interest in. As most of us know, in soccer, 11 players from each team compete against another with the ball using only our feet, except for the goalkeepers. Soccer is a strategic sport where players change the... Continue Reading →

Pink Ribbon Walk

Article by: Jose Gabriel M. Macion   A sea of pink covered the OCBC square area two weeks ago on October 6th, as countless people gathered together to take part of the Pink Ribbon Walk. Among the participants were 70 participants of ISS International School. I had organised ISS International School’s participation in the race... Continue Reading →


Article by: Rosalyn Ong and Angelicia Li Photo credits: Ms. Sit “食物银行”是一个公益社区活动,它的主要目的是希望热心的厂商们以及普通群众能捐资,为未能解决“三餐”基本需要的人士及家庭,提供紧急及短暂的膳食援助。并且希望每个星期都会有志愿者去帮他们整理那些食物,分类它们。 我们每个月都有两次机会去到“食物银行”做义工。这是一个很好的服务机会,让我们充实我们的报告。对于食物银行,有不同的方式去帮助他们。可以是捐赠东西,很多人会把自己不需要的食物或者是一些热心者专门购买食物捐赠给食物银行这个机构,自愿地去帮助有需要的人。而我们学校给我们提供了机会去到他们的地方。帮助他们归类食品,并把食品按照清单上的数量和重量,放到指定的箱子里。我们还需要注意有些人是素食主义者,所以我们分配食物的时候,还需要注意到他们的特殊要求。当我们完成分配食材后,其他的义工就会负责配送给有需要的人 “食物银行”是一个很有意义的慈善机构,我们可以通过它去帮助社会中需要帮助、救济的人,而作为IB的学生,通过参加食物银行这项志愿项目,更加的能体现出我们的合作精神、优秀、爱心、以及交流技巧。我们也希望更多的人能志愿去食物银行帮忙那里的工作人员,因为捐赠的物品数量很多,所以为了更有效的工作效率,多些志愿者会更好。多一个人则多一份力量。

ARK: Bake Sale

Article by: Rio Nishimura On September 16 and 17th, the bake sale was held by Acts of Random Kindness (ARK).  ARK is one of the creativity ECAs in our school that aim to make our community a more empathetic and compassionate place, and to provide an enjoyable environment for everyone. They have held their first... Continue Reading →

Sleep Deprivation in Teens

Article by: Sophia Ivory We all have experienced that groggy and lethargic feeling when we wake up as our alarm clock goes off in the morning. For some people, this may be rare, but for some others, this may sound like a regular morning to them. You didn’t sleep much last night, so you get... Continue Reading →

Girls’ Varsity Volleyball

Article by: Mayuko Mochizuki The Girls Varsity Volleyball team representing ISS have made a great start to the year. The team consisting of 14 members are currently undefeated, playing great games against the other teams in the league. The team have done very well with every single game with a win against schools such as... Continue Reading →

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