“At Dawn, from Death”

By Sayma Ahmed (Shanta) The wailing crows screeched with soulless, dry eyes as the hidden sun burned into breaking waves of sweat. Among an as the hidden sun burned into breaking waves of sweat.Among a sandy, the humid floor of short grass and withering leaves rushed colonies of blinded venomous ants. Abrupt moisture from the rains... Continue Reading →


Theory of Knowledge – Pseudo Science Debate

Author: Cai Shi Hao Theory of Knowledge, as for how people named it, directs students to expand their creative thinking. In the first unit, we learned about natural sciences and examples of pseudoscience. While learning it, students are encouraged to persuade the entire class about how reliable one specific pseudoscience is, and provide evidence. Not... Continue Reading →

Breast Cancer Awareness Walk (BCAW)

Author: Liu Shuai Zheng BCAW - the short name for Breast Cancer Awareness Walk, is one of the largest charity events in Singapore. On 7 October 2017, participants of the walk gather at Waterfront Promenade for this annual event.   ISS students have participated in the BCAW for years. Each year, our student leaders introduce... Continue Reading →


By Jose Gabriel Macion - December 8, 2017 What is Globalisation? (image source: asianbiz.sg) How is it that people around the world are able to share and communicate their cultures despite being so far from each other? Why is it that trade, travel, and communication cover a wider range of locations, ever so that before?... Continue Reading →

Grade 10 WWW – Malaysia

Author: Sayma Ahmed (Shanta) There were many emotional and physical challenges which I took on during this trip. One significant one which amazed me was the one where I conquered my fears of kayaking, as we used heavy duty kayaks of metal and plastic, which was terrifying firstly since I heard we might fall into... Continue Reading →

Farewell to Leaving Teachers

Apoorva Chugh captured the voices of some of our students to let us know that our leaving teachers will not be forgotten at ISS.  Apoorva says, "We just went around the school to ask everyone which teacher they would miss the most and why.  This video is just a short thank you to all the... Continue Reading →


A Cruel and Complex World We strive for peace By inflicting pain There's no sense in that When it is all in vain. There are people we cannot face Fearful that they are the reason This world is a disgrace.   Always a Day Away The blue sky was not just clear of clouds, but... Continue Reading →

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