La Belleza de Cultura Español

Article by: Jose Gabriel M. Macion Image credit: Google The Spanish Ab Initio Experience Spanish class this year have taught the Grade 11 Ab initio students a variety of things. This class isn’t focused on shoving information down the throats of its students, rather it connects the lesson to various cultural elements. From customs, beliefs... Continue Reading →

Chinese Calligraphy ECA

Article by: Yang Chen In the beginning of 2018, two of our DP students, Kailing and YuanYuan has initiated a Chinese calligraphy ECA as their CAS project. Chinese calligraphy is one of the most ancient symbol that can represent Chinese culture, many Chinese students were attracted to this ECA by this reason. In an international... Continue Reading →

MUN Experience

Article by: June Park I had a dream of working in the United Nations since I was in elementary school. I had imagined so many times that how amazing it will be. And when I came to ISS in grade 9, I had an actual chance that I could go to MUN, which is Model... Continue Reading →

Gong Cha, or LiHo?

Article by: Jesselyn Handoko For all bubble tea lovers in Singapore, some might be wondering why the constant bubble tea rebranding, or changes- from ShareTea to Gong Cha to LiHo, some might notice that they have different menus and tastes. And recently, Singapore has undergone large changes in their bubble tea industry, with the shutting... Continue Reading →

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