Happy New Year from Myanmar!

Article by: Kyi Shinn Khin Image credits: Pinterest In a diverse community like ISS, we may be aware of a lot of different festivals that happen in the countries of our fellow peers. Just in April, there were quite a number of countries, particularly in the region of Southeast Asia, that celebrated the New Year,... Continue Reading →

First step to be united

Written by: Youngwoo (Eric) Jung Photo credits to http://www.hani.co.kr and news20.busan.com North Korea and South Korea united their women ice hockey teams in Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. It is the first time that the North and South Korean team united and competed together against other countries. Also during the opening ceremony, there wasn’t a flag for... Continue Reading →

Festival of Lights

Written by: Jae Won Yoo Photo credit: ISS International School Facebook Page Music recital “Festival of Lights’ was held in ISS International School Preston Campus. DP, and MYP music students performing their music, where they could show off their talents to parents, teachers, and friends. Beautiful songs lightened up the dark campus, bringing lights all... Continue Reading →

Grade 9 Science Lab

Written by: Nanako Ochi and Jeeyeon (Maria) Choi On February 15th, We did an experiment in science lessons. Students were separated into groups. The experiment is ‘what happened if we mix together sodium bicarbonate, calcium chloride, and phenol red.’ Students made their hypothesis of experiment  for the day before. And, students will do the experiment... Continue Reading →

Memory Project – Syria

Article by: Yang Chen Create a Meaningful Piece of Personal History, and Help the Children to feel Valued and Important What is Memory Project? From the name you might guess it is something related to “Memory”, however the answer is… NO! It is actually an organization that invites and engages everyone who has the basic... Continue Reading →

Voice Blockchain

Written by: Scott Liu If you have been on internet recently, the word “Bitcoin” or “Blockchain” should be familiar to you. Scott Liu is here today to tell you everything you need to know about the Blockchain. Bitcoin, or Blockchain currency is usually being described as the “Next big thing” and has gained attention from... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Must-Read Historical Fiction Books

Article by: Jesselyn Handoko   Pachinko   “There was more to being something than just blood.” Pachinko is a historical fiction piece written by Min Jin Lee set in 1900s’ about the Japanese colonization of Korea before it split into the North and South. The story follows a young Korean girl, Sunja, and the struggle... Continue Reading →

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